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Updated October 12, 2000

KIKU TV's Parent Firm Being Acquired

The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports that KIKU TV Channel 20 is being sold to a Los Angeles based publishing company and investment firm.

According to the Associated Press article published in yesterday's Star Bulletin, "Leonard Green & Partners of Los Angeles is acquiring a 50 percent stake in family-owned The Korea Times, which publishes Korean-language papers in 10 major U.S. cities and four international markets. The two companies will then buy 100 percent of International Media Group Inc., a Los Angeles company that owns KSCI-TV in Long Beach and KIKU-TV in Hawaii."

The purchase price is reportedly $165 million.

More details can be found at this link.

Local Salem Radio Stations Get New URLs

Salem Communications radio stations KHNR 650 AM, KGU 760 AM and KAIM FM and AM are now hosted at a central server. Their websites are on the following pages:

  • KHNR 650 AM: http://www.hawaii-radio.net/khnr.htm
  • KGU 760 AM: http://www.hawaii-radio.net/kgu.htm
  • KAIM FM 95.5: http://www.hawaii-radio.net/kaimfm.htm
  • KAIM 870 AM: http://www.hawaii-radio.net/kaimam.htm
  • Salem Media of Hawaii: http://www.hawaii-radio.net/

    KHNR is an all news format station, KGU recently switched over to news and talk, KAIM programs contemporary Christian music on the FM side and religious show on the AM.

    October 3, 2000

    Sale of KGMB TV Finalized

    Emmis Communications Corp., owners of Honolulu's Fox affiliate, KHON TV have finalized their acquisition of TV station KGMB Channel 9. The sale was approved by the FTC as part of an acquisition of broadcast properties by Emmis from Lee Enterprises, former owners of KGMB and several other stations on the mainland.

    FCC regulations currently prohibit one firm from owning more than 1 major broadcast station in a local market. It is unknown whether or not Emmis will eventually sell KGMB or put it in a trust.

    For more details visit this URL:

    October 2, 2000

    Oceanic Shuffles Channels October 17

    Oceanic Cable will be making channel line-up changes effective October 17. Analog customers will get 1 new channel, KWBN TV at channel 44 and Court TV on Channel 19 goes full time, 24 hours. Game Show channel will move to Oceanic 16 along with the station's popular local nightime line-up. CNBC relocates to Channel 39 with Sci-Fi moving toChannel 72. FX moves to 45, with MTV going to 71. Premium adult PPV Spice moves from 77 to 78.

    Oceanic's Digital channel services will also change with BBC America on 341 added as a new service.

    New Kauai Radio Stations Seek Personnel

    Two new FM stations will be hitting the Kauai airwaves soon. Radio Stations KAWT FM 98.9 and KAYI FM 99.9 are looking for personnel to fill various positions including sales and GSM. Call George Hochman at 332-0119 or email GH5512@aol.com for more information. The new FMs will be 100,000 watt operations. No format has been announced. Stations are owned by Hochman Hawaii-One and Hochman Hawaii-Two.

    Radio Free Hawaii Starts Internet Bitcast

    After more than 3 years of silence, the wildly popular eclectic music format that was Radio Free Hawaii has returned on a limited scale through an internet bitcast. Two Real Audio programs have been added to the Radio Free website. The Radio Free Hawaii website is at http://www.radmusic.org/radio-free-hawaii/. Real Audio software required to listen to the webcast.

    September 10, 2000

    Mayoral Debates Highlight Local TV Week

    Two Honolulu Mayoral Debates between the major candidates will air on local TV this week. Incumbent Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris faces challenger Mufi Hannemann on KHON TV's debate Wednesday night September 13 starting at 7:PM. The next day, Harris will be debating Hannemann and former Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi on KITV Channel 4 starting at 7:PM. Each night's debates is expected to be controlled gabfests between the candidates that should help voters make their minds up for this important election.

    Starting this week is Olelo TV's efforts to air all candidate viewpoints with their election season program "Candidates in Focus". The programs started airing on Saturday September 9 and will continue until the day before the September 23 primary election. The "Candidates in Focus" programs offers candidates from various races a 7 minute window in which to air their views on issues and outline plans for creating a better Hawaii should they be elected. All of the Oahu political races are covered with programs airing on various days and times on Olelo Channel 54. For more information visit the Olelo website. Olelo will also be streaming the program from their website.

    In conjunction with the political races coming to a climax, the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide is conducting an informal, unscientific poll where visitors can vote for Honolulu Mayor.

    Island Music Overwhelming Radio Format Favorite

    The final results from the first Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Poll since last year indicate that most of our website visitors want to hear more Hawaiian and Island music. Honolulu has 4 stations playing some form of Hawaiian or Island music. From our poll results it seems that people want more.

    The harsh realities of programming a station and making it profitable did not escape one of our message board posters who stated, "... while Island Music is indeed a valuable and important part of our culture and is a viable radio format within moderation as to the number of stations with the format or variations thereto it is impossible to think that 41% want to see more. There aren't enough listeners or advertising dollars to make it happen."

    So yes, the bottom line is the bottom line. People do want more types of radio programming, as every category in the poll got a vote, with the exception of "adult contemporary". Perhaps the lack of interest for adult contemporary music is a reflection of that format's dominance in this market by being played on at least 4 radio stations in some form or another.

    The poll was run for 2 weeks starting in late August. Results are shown below.

    Question: "What radio format does Honolulu need the most?"

    Answers: (tabled text below)

    Format (Votes) Percentage
    Island Music (24) 41%
    Classic Rock (7) 12%
    Top 40/CHR/Rap & Dance (5) 8%
    Sports Talk (5) 8%
    Modern Rock/Alternative Music (5) 8%
    News and Talk (3) 5%
    Country Music (3) 5%
    Popular Standards (3) 5%
    Other (3) 5%
    Adult Contemporary Music (0) 0%
    Total Votes 58

    September 8, 2000

    Olelo Programming Streams on Net

    Russ Cabral from Olelo announces, "I'm the Playback Manager at Olelo Community Television. I just wanted to let you know that Olelo has launched a 24 hour streaming video channel called OleloNet. You can check it out by going to our web site at www.olelo.org.

    OleloNet is a single streaming channel that will be used to showcase programming from all 5 of the Olelo channels. Basically, OleloNet will simulcast one of the Olelo channels for 4 hours, then switch to another. The Only exception is between 6:00am-10:00am when we stream the Live Traffic Cams feed on OleloNet."

    The system runs on the latest version of Windows Media Player. Russ reports that there are some problems for Mac users with the newest version. For more information visit Olelo's website.

    August 29, 2000

    Hilo's KANO Officially On-Air

    KANO 91.1 FM Hawaii Public Radio for East Hawaii is now officially on the air from Hilo. The station's arrival was announced in the Hawaii Tribune Herald for August 27 with a half page ad and a live broadcast from Hilo's Palace Theater Sunday Morning. Program details and schedules can be obtained by calling 1-(800)- 955-8821. Those wishing to become members of the "Big Island Friends of Public Radio" organization can write to BIFPR, PO Box 4458, Hilo, HI 96720-0458.

    Hawaii Public Radio's website is at http://www.hawaiipublicradio.org.

    August 25, 2000

    KAOI Format Change, Mayor Harris, KUMU Broadcast

    Maui's album rock station, KAOI FM is no more. The station has apparently changed its format to soft rock. The old "Quality Rock" format was a staple on KAOI for more than 2 decades. Listeners from Maui also report that the dj line-up at 95.1 is gone. The new soft rock format is going by the monicker "I-FM".

    Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris may be in trouble with the State's Campaign Spending Commission for the continuance of his daily radio show on KGU 76 AM. The show may have to leave the air if the commission finds that the program "advocates or supports the nomination of a candidate." Harris is running for re-election this year. Details can be found at the Honolulu Star Bulletin website.

    KUMU Radio at 1500 on the AM dial will be broadcasting tonight's "Iolani Awards," from the Monarch Room in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

    KHON TV's Barbara Marshall left this week as announced on-air by anchor Joe Moore.

    Clear Channel Communications recently closed their deal in the acquisition of AM-FM Radio Group which owns a 7 station conglomerate here in Honolulu.

    CBS's summer TV series "Survivor" drew an estimated 51 million viewers on the show's finale this past Wednesday. This was the second most watched TV program this so far year. Only the Super Bowl drew a larger audience.

    PBS Television is shooting a special program on Hawaiian music featuring local entertainers that is sheduled for a December airing.

    August 9, 2000

    Ratings: KSSK & Hawaiian Music on Top

    KSSK 92.3 FM is the town's top radio station according to the latest figures released by Arbitron for the Spring reporting period. Coming in second in the overall ratings is AM/FM's KDNN 98.5 which changed over from classic rock to "island rhythmns" late last year. The station is now a few rating points ahead of longtime market pioneer, KCCN FM 100. Fact is three of the top 5 stations are playing some form of Hawaiian/Island music in all dayparts. Rock music also surged as KPOI 97.5 and KUCD "Star 101.9 FM" made gains from outside the top 10.

    A detailed report by Erica Engle is available at Pacific Business News website while the ratings themselves are posted at the All Access website. Visitors need to register at All Aceess in order to view ratings with share numbers, etc. and use their other features.

    The top 10 stations are:

    KSSK 92.4 FM
    KDNN 98.5 FM
    KCCN 100.3 FM
    KINE 105.1 FM
    KXME 104.3 FM
    KRTR 96.3 FM
    KUMU 94.7 FM
    KIKI FM/AM simulcast
    KUCD 101.9 FM
    KPOI 97.5 FM

    New Media Stream at Hilo's KWXX

    We are pleased to announce the addition of a second KWXX stream. The new feed will operate 24/7 and is a stereo stream using Windows Media Player. Our original java-player (no additional plug-ins) is still available. KWXX broadcasts out of Hilo at 94.7 FM or on the web at: http://www.kwxx.com

    -- submitted by Chris Leonard, General Manager, KWXX/KPUA/KNWB

    August 6, 2000

    Heftel and Moffatt to be Honored for Lifetime Achievements

    By Jim Carroll

    Tom Moffatt and Cec Heftel will both be honored with the Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award at the 2000 'Iolani Awards to be held on August 25th at the Monarch Room in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

    Moffatt is one of Hawaii radio's original rock n roll DJs, bringing top 40 hits and artists to the islands through KPOI radio and numerous live shows. Heftel was the owner of KGMB radio and television during the 1960s and 70s. He was later elected to and served several terms in the U.S. Congress as a representative from Hawaii.

    Thirty five other broadcasters will be honored for their achievements in radio and television this past year. The event is a fund raiser for the March of Dimes and also commiserates 100 years of broadcasting in Hawaii.

    This year's 'Iolani Awards was kicked off with a media reception at Washington Place on June 16 which was the 100th anniversary of the first wireless radio transmission in Hawaii. The name 'Iolani was chosen because that first transmission originated from 'Iolani Palace on June 16, 1900.

    With the exception of the Lifetime achievement award, all judging was done in Los Angeles, through the Southern California Broadcasters' Association and utilizing the same judges who chose the International Broadcast Awards winners. More than 150 nominees in 35 categories for radio and television broadcasting were named. Winners will be announced at the black tie dinner and show.

    August 5, 2000

    Walter Pacheco's Out From Hilo's KHLO

    By Charles Boehnke, Keeau Hawaii

    Walter Pacheco has resigned from KHLO AM 850 in Hilo. KHLO has initiated the "Special K" Show with Keoni and Keala, a pleasant husband and wife combination featuring local, ethnic and request music along with friendly chatter and contests.

    A spokesperson at KHLO says they have received "positive comment" from listeners in the few days the new program has been on the air. It airs on KHLO 850 AM from 6:AM to 10:AM Monday through Fridays. Emphasis seems to be on Puerto Rican and other Latin music and interests as well as local Hawaiian music and groups.

    KHLO has also expanded the "Hipsters' Choice" radio program on Sundays to a full six hours, 1:PM to 7:PM.

    This program features Art Roberts the "Hairy Hipster from Hamakua" and you will hear just about every kind of music you have ever heard of during it's fascinating six hours. Everything from Jazz to Celtic and places in between is played along with Art's incisive and interesting commentary. Roberts has over 30 years in broadcasting including stints in Japan and China in the 80's and early 90's.

    KHLO is owned by Emerald City Radio Partners.

    New Stations Begin Testing

    Honolulu's KAHA FM 105.9 began broadcasting last night with a Hawaiian music format.

    KANO FM 91.1 in Hilo is testing its new facility and should be on the air with regular HPR programming for East Hawaii from its transmitter site in Mountain View in a few days.

    Meanwhile on Oahu, television station KNWB Channel 44 recently started sending out an occasional test signal. The station bills itself as "The Coaches Network".

    Stay tuned.. more to come.

    July 28, 2000

    KGMB TV Changes Anchor Line-Up

    Russell's out, Jim's in. At least at the anchor desk of KGMB TV. Early evening news anchor Jim Mendoza, who joined KGMB last year will become their anchor person at 6 and 10 pm starting next Monday. According to the Honolulu Advertiser story, Russell Shimooka "has been offered a full time reporting position".

    Kim Gennaula will be moving to the 10 pm late news anchor desk, replacing Jade Moon who will contiue at 6pm and be re-assigned to the station's "Eye on Hawaii" series covering the education beat.

    July 19, 2000

    Star 101.9, KKBG Website Updates

    Hilo's KKBG FM recently announced and set up their website. The Emerald City Partners station is available by clicking on:


    Meanwhile Star 101.9 radio (KUCD FM), part of AM/FM Hawaii's 7 station conglomerate, reveals in their recent e-newsletter that "we are in the process of redesigning the site, and soon we will introduce the 'New and Greatly Improved' version of www.star1019fm.com."

    The website currently features pictures from the recent Kaneohe Bayfest, message forum, music store and email addresses to Star 101.9 personalities. A online broadcast is in the works.

    July 9, 2000

    News in Brief - July 9, 2000

    Oceanic Cable adds two new channels to their standard analog service. FX and Fox Sports West join the Oceanic standard cable lineup at Channels 21 and 44. Two other channels move to new locations.

    Verizon Hawaii, the new corporate entity that operates the recently merged GTE Hawaiian Tel, announced that they will be selling off their GTE Americast wireless cable franchise.

    KHON TV's Kim Muranaka has left her reporting job for a higher paying one as Governor Cayetano's press secretary. She reportedly will be paid $60,000 per year.

    It has been reported that several personnel from Salem Communications radio stations KGU 76 and KHNR 65 AM have been let go. Among the more prominent names being cast off include KHNR morning newscaster Kai Maxwell and afternoon driver, Ramsay Wharton.

    KPOI FM is at a new URL: http://www.975kpoi.com.


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