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Channel 2 Dominates Evening, Nightly News

The November Nielsen sweeps month showed that the KHON's Channel 2 News with Joe Moore has maintained its number one position for the Hawaii market. The 6 o clock edition lost a rating point but still maintained a large lead, while the 10 pm newscast gained a point.

Channel 4, 9 and 8 trail the market leader in the 6 and 10 news races.

KHON recently started at 5 PM weekday news going head to head with its competitors at Channels 4, 9 and 8. The Channel 2 News' 5 PM newscast anchored by Leslie Wilcox has pulled into a tie with KITV's 5 PM newscast hosted by Gray Sprinkel and Pamela Young.

In the prime-time evening programming sweepstakes, CBS's line-up is #1 locally, giving the win to KGMB TV. ABC is the #2 network, with NBC, Fox and the WB bringing up the rear.


TVs With Built-In Digital Tuners

The television manufacturing industry and the cable TV industry reached an agreement yesterday which will allow manufacturers to start installing built-in cable TV tuners into their sets. The deal still needs approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

When approved manufacturers will have digital tuners installed in TV sets as early as 2004. The installed tuners will pave the way for faster adoption of digital TV into America homes.

Many consumers are reluctant to rent set-top boxes from cable TV companies and would prefer the digital tuners built in to their TV sets.


Maverick Media Sells 3 Honolulu Radio Stations

It was reported yesterday that Maverick Media, owners of KUMU AM & FM and KAHA FM "The Big Kahuna", are selling the stations to Real Radio of America LLC, a Georgia-based firm set up for the purpose of acquiring the properties. The sale price is reported to be at $5.2 million.

KUMU AM & FM are legacy radio stations in this market, while KAHA FM is a relative newcomer to the Honolulu market. The new owners plan to keep the formats at the 2 FM stations intact. They plan to upgrade the transmitter facility for the AM station.

Gary Dodd, Tim Rose and Dan Bradley are the three managing partners of Real Radio of America. They are also affiliated with Bullie Broadcasting Corp., which owns radio stations in Georgia and South Carolina.

More details can be found online in articles written by Star-Bulletin's Erika Engle.


Charly Espina to Leave KCCN FM 100

By this time next week, Charly Espina, a longtime personality on KCCN FM 100's morning drive show will have left the station for a new, married life on the island of Maui. Today is her last day on the morning show, which she has co-hosted with Bill Van Osdol and Jason "Pipi" Rezentes.

Espina is getting married to Maui postal worker Mark Takahama. She will also be working for KPOA FM on the Valley Island as business development manager and some on-air work as a fill-in announcer starting in January.

Charly has been a veteran broadcaster in Honolulu since the late 1970s where she did stints at KULA FM, KDEO AM and KPOI FM. She was with KCCN FM 100 since 1996.


Maverick Media Sells 3 Honolulu Radio Stations

It was reported yesterday that Maverick Media, owners of KUMU AM & FM and KAHA FM "The Big Kahuna", are selling the stations to Real Radio of America LLC, a Georgia-based firm set up for the purpose of acquiring the properties. The sale price is reported to be at $5.2 million.

KUMU AM & FM are legacy radio stations in this market, while KAHA FM is a relative newcomer to the Honolulu market. The new owners plan to keep the formats at the 2 FM stations intact. They plan to upgrade the transmitter facility for the AM station.

Gary Dodd, Tim Rose and Dan Bradley are the three managing partners of Real Radio of America. They are also affiliated with Bullie Broadcasting Corp., which owns radio stations in Georgia and South Carolina.

More details can be found online in articles written by Star-Bulletin's Erika Engle.


Charly Espina to Leave KCCN FM 100

By this time next week, Charly Espina, a longtime personality on KCCN FM 100's morning drive show will have left the station for a new, married life on the island of Maui. Today is her last day on the morning show, which she has co-hosted with Bill Van Osdol and Jason "Pipi" Rezentes.

Espina is getting married to Maui postal worker Mark Takahama. She will also be working for KPOA FM on the Valley Island as business development manager and some on-air work as a fill-in announcer starting in January.

Charly has been a veteran broadcaster in Honolulu since the late 1970s where she did stints at KULA FM, KDEO AM and KPOI FM. She was with KCCN FM 100 since 1996.


Phil Brewer Returns to Hilo Radio Stations

Phil Brewer, who founded KKBG, the Big Island's first FM station was lured out of retirement by station owners Maverick Media to become general manager of their Hilo operations. Brewer will be overseeing KKBG FM ("K-BIG") as well as KKOA FM, KHLO AM and KLEO FM in Kona/Hamakua.

Mr. Brewer was once the owner of the stations that he is now an employee of. He does not plan to take over ownership, even though Maverick Media has recently sold 3 stations in the Honolulu market, according to reports.

He succeeds Rodney Sanchez as general manager.


FCC May Ease Cable TV Company Limits

A draft recommendation by the Federal Communications Commission appear likely to ease cable company size limits, while imposing some rules to preserve market competition. The ruling could also signal a change to wideranging media ownership of other broadcasting properties, such as the continued duopoly employed by Emmis Communications Corp. and their ownership of Fox and CBS affiliates, KHON and KGMB TV.

The recommendation may trigger more mergers within the cable TV industry.


November 26, 2002

Around the Big Island Dial and on the Net

D.C. out of KNWB FM writes that their sister station, KPUA AM 670 has now established a website. You can find it at http://www.kpua.net. The KPUA website features news and a program line-up to all of their nationally syndicated talk and sports broadcasts. The station is the Big Island outlet for well known radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh and Art Bell's Coast to Coast. KNWB more popularly known as B-97 "Classic Hits" feature's D.C.'s long running morning drive show. Both stations are owned by New West Broadcasting Co.

New West Broadcasting's general manager Chris Leonard is also the president of the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters.

Buddy Gordon, longtime GM at Big Island Radio is out and has been replaced by Kiss FM's program director, Nelson Parker. He relinquishes his PD duties at Kiss FM and passes that chair on to Justin Duty. Parker has also taken himself off the morning drive show.

Finally religious broadcaster, Moody Radio which operates a translator station in Hilo has established a new website for the local outlet. You can find it at http://www.flex.com/~moodyradiohilo.

November 18, 2002

Rick Blangiardi to Speak on Emmis' TV Duopoly

The Hawaii Society of Professional Journalists will be hosting a luncheon featuring Rick Balngiardi, General Manager of Emmis owned televsion stations KHON and KGMB TV. He will be speaking on issues surrounding Emmis' ownership of two of the top four network affiliates in the Honolulu-Hawaii market.

The luncheon will take place at 11:30 AM at the Plaza Club, 900 Fort Street Mall in Downtown Honolulu tomorrow, November 19. Registration and pricing details can be found at this link.

Emmis Communications have been owners of both KHON and KGMB TV since May of 2000, after they bought 15 television stations from Lee Enterprises for $562 million which included KGMB as part of that purchase. KHON is the local Fox affiliate while KGMB is aligned with CBS. Current FCC rules prohibit dual ownership of major network stations by the same firm in a single market.

The FCC has granted Emmis several exemptions on the dual ownership of KHON and KGMB since 2000.

Last week Emmis purchased WBPG-TV, a Warner Brothers network affiliate in the Mobile/Pensacola markete for $11.5 million. The firm already owns the Fox affiliate in the same market, WALA-TV.

Emmis believes that the duopoly issues facing them in Honolulu do not apply to the Mobile/Pensacola stations because the new acquistion, a WB affiliate is not a top 4 network station.

The Honolulu Community Media Council and the Society of Professional Journalists have recently stated their opposition to the local duopoly.


Jeff Kino Releases New CD, "Half Nuts"

Local comedian, announcer and radio personality Jeff Kino released his debut CD last week entitled "Jeff Kino, Half Nuts." The CD has been in the making for several years, if not in production, but as an idea. Jeff stated, ""It's all timing, there were several times I thought we'd be ready to go with this project, but one thing led to another and the timing was off."

Apparently the timing is right for now, and Kino is hosting a CD release party on Wednesday, November 20 at the Espirit Nightclub in the Sharaton Waikiki Hotel starting at 7:00 p.m.

His friend and fellow radio personality Kimo Kahoano will be serving as the night's emcee and will feature guests Johnny Helm (formerly of KPOI) and Jesse Gamiao, formerly of the music group The Krush.

Details on this party can be found at Jeff Kino's website. Kino was most recently on the air at KQMQ FM. Kino is also a regular visitor to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide message board.


Webcasters May Get Relief

The webcasting industry may get a break from having to pay steep royalty fees to record labels and music publishing companies in the form of a new bill that passed in the United States Senate last week. HR 5469 will clear the way for copyright owners to offer webcasters "a percentage-of-revenues royalty rate," which will allow parties to enter into voluntary payment agreements contrary to those mandated by an action taken by the Library of Congress earlier this year.


Hilo's Moody Radio Returns to Airwaves

Hilo's Moody Radio translator station K220OE returned to the airwaves last week after experiencing an equipment breakdown earlier in the month. The station is affiliated with the Moody Bible Institute and is one of several radio stations targeting the Christian market in Hilo.

November 3, 2002

Lingle Ahead in Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Poll

Gubernatorial candidate Linda Lingle beats challenger Mazie Hirono for the governor's seat in the only Hawaii Radio & Television Guide internet poll conducted on this site from late October to today, November 3.

When the final numbers were tallied at 6:30 PM tonight the results are as follows: Lingle @ 57%, Hirono @ 24% and Bu La'ia at 11%. A small total of 169 visitors took time to participate in this most unscientific of public opinion polls. The margin of error, if there is one is fairly high as more focused polls conducted by the major dailies show the race in a virtual tie.

However internet polls show a different story. At HawaiiStories.com, Lingle leads with a 52% margin over Hirono's 30%. La'ia is at 9%. A total of 95 users participated in that poll as of Sunday night.

Over at Mililani Interactive, their poll continues to show an opposite result. Hirono ahead at 54% with Lingle pulling in 46%. Their poll attracted 445 users and has been online since shortly after the primary election in September. Their poll did not take into account the "minor" candidates.

As the candidates like to mention, no poll counts except the one being taken on election day at the voting both this Tuesday, November 5.

All 4 network affiliated television stations will be covering election night returns. Radio station KHVH will also be covering the election returns Tuesday night with Mike Buck.


November 1, 2002

Moody Radio of Hilo Temporarily off-air

Moody Radio of Hilo suffered a transmitter failure late Wednesday, Oct. 30, that has left it temporarily off the air. Moody Radio is heard on 91.9 FM in East Hawaii and at 90.7 FM on Hawaiian Cablevision's cable radio service.

A back-up transmitter is being readied for air shipment from Chicago to Hilo. Barring any unforeseen delays, technicians should be able to replace the transmitter and return both the broadcast and cable signals back on-air by Wednesday, Nov. 6th. "As timing would have it, we just received a factory refurbished transmitter of the same make and model as the one we have in Hilo," said David Woodworth from his Chicago office. "So we feel the Lord has had a hand in this repair situation already." Woodworth serves as coordinator for all 19 of MBN's satellite-fed FM translators stations, also called Satellators.

WJCG-K220EO first signed on the air January 20, 1997 in Hilo and broadcasts Christian radio programming from the campus of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.


Kam Fong Chun of Five-0 Fame Dies

It was announed in the media this week that character actor Kam Fong Chun died on October 15 after a long illness. Chun, who went by the stage name of Kam Fong is best known for playing the character Chin Ho Kelly in the CBS television series, Hawaii Five-0 for 10 years. He worked on the series from 1968 to 1978 after which he resigned and his character killed off.

Chun's wife also recently passed away this year.


October 24, 2002

New Wave Gains in Ratings

GAINING: It's pretty good news for New Wave Broadcasting this quarter as three of their stations make it into the top 10. KHUI FM which only became a Hawaiian music format station this past April climbs into the top 10 at #8 with a 4.6 share. They are in a tie with New Wave's KQMQ FM. the 80s format station which also makes a top 10 appearance for the first time this year. Rounding out New Wave's resurgence is KDDB FM 102.7 "Da Bomb" which holds at #9 with their urban contemporary music format despite losing a couple of points since Spring.

THE TOP 5: Market leaders KSSK FM, KCCN FM 100, KINE FM, KUMU FM 94.7 and KRTR FM 96 lead the overall summer Arbitron Ratings as they usually do. There were changes within the Top 5 between the Spring and Summer books with KSSK still holding the top position.

CLASSIC ROCK: A little further down, Maverick Media's KAHA FM which switched to Classic Rock this summer moves up from a 1.9 to a 2.8 share.

Overall, Clear Channel has 4 stations (including a resurging Star 101.9 FM) in the top 10, New Wave and Cox tied with 3 each.

A complete list of the overall Arbitron ratings for the Honolulu radio market can be found at its usual place at Radio & Records online.


Art Bell Retiring December 31

Late night talk radio show host Art Bell will retire from broadcasting on December 31st, due to health problems. Mr. Bell has in recent months suffered from chronic back problems and stated that his audience deserved "more than a part time host". Bell's late night program has been a consistent market leader for talk radio for several years. He will be replaced by his fill-in host George Noory.

The Art Bell show airs locally on KHVH AM in Honolulu, KPUA AM in Hilo and KAOI AM on Maui.


Broadcast Journalists in Political Races

Several broadcast journalists are still in the running for various political offices this season. Most of them were alumni of KHON TV. They include current incumbant State Senator Bob Hogue, who is seeking re-election; State Rep. Nestor Garcia, who is running for a City Council seat, and City Councilman Jon Yoshimura who is running for a State Senate seat. Making a first time bid for office are Barbara Marshall who is running for City Council in Waimanalo, and Glenn Wakai making a bid for State House in the Moanalua Valley district.

Walk-in absentee voting has already started and the official election day is coming soon... November 5.


October 17, 2002

Wally Zimmerman Joins KHON TV News

Erika Engle reports in her Buzz column that Wally Zimmerman, whose last broadcast job was news director at KITV Channel 4 has been hired by KHON TV Channel 2 to operate their weekday morning news operation as executive producer. Zimmerman had been most recenlty employed at the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce as their communications director.

Zimmerman will start with KHON TV next Monday, October 21.

While Zimmerman runs the morning news operation, the station is still looking for a news director to replace the recently departed Jim McCoy.


Lingle - Hirono Debate to air on 5 Stations

Five television stations will be simulcasting the only gubernatorial television debate this year as candidates Linda Lingle and Mazie Hirono face each other nearly two weeks before the November 5 general election.

The debate will air from Hawaii Public Television studios and simulcast on KHET, KHON, KITV, KGMB and KHNL TV on October 25. It will be hosted by Linda Taira vice president of station relations at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and fomerly a reporter for CBS and CNN.

Debate panelists will include Gregg Takayama of KHON TV, Jade Moon of KGMB TV, Darren Pai of KHNL TV and Daryl Huff of KITV. The League of Women Voters will be on hand to take email and telephone questions from the public on the night of the debate.


KIKU TV's "Kikaida" Makes it to DVD

Hawaii's "Kikaida" fans are abuzz this week as the first five episodes of the 20+ year old Japanese television series hit store shelves this week in a new DVD release. The DVD was produced by JN Productions, the firm that handles Japanese to English subtitling for programs airing on KIKU TV. The original film production of the TV series has been remastered for the DVD release with the soundtrack cleaned up to produce a fairly dynamic and stunning soundtrack.

The "Kikaida" DVD is available at retail outlets such as Tower Records, Borders, Sam Goody and Long's. It can also be ordered online at the Generation Kikaida website.

"Kikaida" reruns will be returning to KIKU TV as a weekday afternoon feature starting Monday, October 28. The airtime will be at 5:30 p.m. KIKU is currently running "Kikaida-01", a sequel to the original series Sunday nights at 7:PM.


September 19, 2002

Community TV Access Advocates Win Major Victory

In a stunning victory for Hawaii Community Access TV advocates, Hawaii's Office of Information Practices (OIP) has issued a far-reaching opinion that will force Hawaii's PEG (Public/Education/Government) organizations to comply with the Uniform Information Practices Act regarding open records law; rules and guidelines for the public's access to documents and records. The OIP is a perpetually under funded State agency and government watchdog that administers Hawaii's open records law, the Uniform Information Practices Act, Chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes (UIPA). The opinion request had been originally filed in January of 1998 by the (then) President of the Community Television Producer's Association (CTPA), Wendy Arbeit. The opinion was sought because over a period of years advocates have witnessed numerous bylaw amendments that have resulted in far less public accountability in the administration of many millions of dollars in public funds.


Oceanic Digital Services Expand With New Features

Oceanic Cable will be offering new services to their base of 100,000 digital subscribers. New features being added to the digital service include choosing camera angles at local pay per view football telecasts, automated bill paying, instant voting in public opinion polls, and booking travel packages through your TV. The service will also be offering targeted ads to specific communities and neighborhoods.

Oceanic which is owned by AOL Time Warner, expects to have all of its cable TV subscribers hooked up to digital in a few years.


UPN Being Split Between Emmis' KHON and KGMB

UPN's network programming is being split between Emmis' owned television stations KHON and KGMB TV. Reports posted to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide message board indicate UPN programs such as "Enterprise" and "Twilight Zone" are showing on KGMB while "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" will be aired on KHON TV. KGMB is the CBS affiliate and KHON is Hawaii's Fox affiliate. UPN is also owned by CBS, which is are subsidiaries of Viacom.

KFVE TV, the affiliate that originally aired UPN in Hawaii let their contract with the network expire on September 2 in favor of airing programming from The WB network.

On a related local note, Emmis is combining some of their news and sports staffs this weekend to cover election returns on KHON TV this Saturday while KGMB TV airs two high school football games featuring matchups between Hawaii's top two schools (St. Louis and Kahuku) against mainland opponents. Emmis is flying former KGMB and ESPN sports reporter Larry Beil to Hawaii to do the play by play.


Hilo's Walter Pacheco Returns to KHLO Again

After a few months' absence, one of Hilo's most colorful personalities is back on the air at KHLO Radio, 850 on the AM dial. Walter Pacheco returned to his familiar morning drive slot this week. According to sources, he was asked to return to the station by owners Maverick Media (who also operate KKBG FM and 3 stations on Oahu). from DC

September 11, 2002

More Changes at Emmis' KHON and KGMB TV Newsrooms

Several people at KHON and KGMB TV's news operations have left or will be leaving their positions soon according to published news reports yesterday. Channel 2's News Director Jim McCoy leaves the staton after nearly 20 years. Also submitting her resignation is KHON TV weekend anchor Malia Mattoch.

Over at KGMB TV, it was announced that Jim Mendoza will be leaving the anchor desk at Channel 9 after Friday's newscast. He will remain at the station as senior news reporter.

Channel 9 is also eliminating their early morning local news cut-ins with Britt Riedl and moving her to weekend weather duties and news reporter.

Both KHON and KGMB TV are now owned by Emmis Broadcasting, which has come under criticism for owning and operating 2 major network affiliates in this market.

September 10, 2002

Chun's In, Vinton's Out at KGMB TV

Liz Chun was named as KGMB TV's new Sports Director by Emmis Broadcasting. She's been with the station for the past 2 years and is replacing sports anchor Dave Vinton, whose last day on the air at KGMB is this coming Friday, September 13.

More information at the Honolulu Advertiser link.

New Website for Hilo's B97 Radio

Darrin "DC" Carlson, morning man at Hilo's B97 (KNWB 97.1 FM) radio sent me updated information regardiing the station's new website. It's online at http://www.b97hawaii.com. DC also has his personal show prep and links page at the following URL: http://www.dcprep.fcpages.com. B97 plays a classic rock music format and is owned by New West Broadcasting Company. DC is a longtime morning personality in the Hilo and East Hawaii (Big Island) market.

Society of Professional Journalists Oppose Emmis Duopoly

Hawaii's Society of Professional Journalists recently issued a press release stating their oppostion to the continued ownership of KHON and KGMB TV by Emmis Broadcasting. In their release, they stated that "Recent actions by Emmis Communications Corp. indicate the company's ownership of KHON and KGMB is headed toward affecting competition and the quality of journalism here -- the naming of a general manager for both stations and an internal memo noting that a photographer will be used to shoot minor routine new events for both stations."

Emmis has been granted numerous extensions by the FCC on their dual ownership of the two network TV stations since they bought KGMB's former parent company Lee Enterprises more than 2 years ago.

The complete release can be read from this link:

Soft Opening for Hawaii Print Media Guide

I recently upgraded the Hawaii Print Media Guide website. It now resides in a sub-directory at this website and features links to various local print media and online media resources. A message board feature for the site is in the works and will be online in a few weeks.

If anyone has news, information or commentary they'd like to publish on the Hawaii Print Media Guide as well as this website are free to send me their info at macpro3000@yahoo.com.

August 22, 2002

Two New TV Pilots to Be Shot on Oahu

Two new network television series pilots are set to start filming in the islands starting early next year. The Fox Network and CBS have expressed interest in shooting pilots for the 2 proposed police series.

The Fox project will be called "The Break", will be produced by John Stockwell, whose latest movie, "Blue Crush" is enjoying box office success after being shot on Oahu's North Shore earlier this year. "The Break" will be about a cop based on the North Shore.

The CBS series will be executive produced by Simon West, who directed the movie "Laura Croft; Tomb Raider" last year. The new series will be called "808" and will focus around a maverick cop who joins the Hawaii bureau of the FBI.

More information on the new series can be found at this link.

KENT on the Air; Garrett Returns

Radio station KENT at 1170 AM has finally become radio active after several years of silence from that dial position. The station is currently under a testing phase as it is airing a variety of music formats from oldies in the day to classic rock in the night.

Further down the dial, Charlie Garrett has taken the reigns of the morning drive at new country station KHCM 940 AM. Garrett is well known in local country music radio having done gigs at KDEO and KKHN in recent years.

August 16, 2002

KHCM is Honolulu's Newest Country Station

Salem Media which recently bought KJPN at 940 AM converted the station this weekend to a country music format with new call letters, KHCM. According to Erika Engle's article in today's Honolulu Star-Bulletin, the station will be featuring programming from Colorado based Jones Radio Network that will showcase country music from the past 20 year. There may be local on-air staff at the station by the Labor Day weekend according to the article.

The station is the latest in a long line of successful and not so succesful country music stations on Oahu that included KAHU and KDEO at 940 on the AM dial, and more recently KIKI AM at 990 and KKHN at 102.7 on the FM dial.

Erika's article also mentions the teaming of Rich West and Beau Hodge as the new morning show personalities at KAHA FM, "The Big Kahuna," Honolulu's new classic rock station.

August 9, 2002

FCC Mandates Digital Tuners by 2007

In an effort to push the television industry to adopt digital standards, the FCC yesterday voted 3 to 1 to require television set manufacturers to include digital tuners in all equipment by July 2007. The mandate further requires that sets with screens 36 inches or larger have the built-in digital tuners by 2004. Television sets with screens smaller than 13 inches will be exempt.

The built in digital tuners will add $250 to the cost of television sets claim industry insiders. The FCC countered that the cost of built in digital tuners will go down as demand for the new sets increase.

The digital tuner requirement is part of the FCC's push to get the industry as well as consumers to move to digital and high definition TV broadcasting. Many television stations are already broadcasting an HDTV signal, but few consumers receive them since the cost of HDTV's are quite high.

In a related issue, the FCC is also exploring the possibility of mandating a copy protection scheme for digital television content.

More information? Visit the FCC website

FCC Sets Digital Timetable for TV Makers

ESPN's "Bracket Busters" to feature U.H. Basketball

The ESPN sports cable network will be featuring the University of Hawaii Rainbow basketball team on a new series called "Bracket Busters Saturday" that will focus on mid-major college programs next February. Four WAC teams including Hawaii, Tulsa, Fresno State and Louisiana Tech will gain national exposure through the series that the network hopes to become a multi-year event.

The "Bracket Busters" basketball game will showcase the WAC against teams from conferences such as the Pac-10 and Big West.

For more information go to this link.

August 6, 2002

Radio Stations Get New Websites

Several Hawaii radio station websites have either been updated, moved or made aware to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide by our readers, station owners, webmasters or through simple web surfing. The following radio station websites have been added to our dial list pages:

KDNN 98.5 "Island Rhythmn": People have been asking and Clear Channel has set up a new site for them, which looks very much like other CC radio sites. http://ir985.com/main.html

KHUI 99.5 FM "The Breeze": Honolulu's newest Hawaiian music station has a URL which currently goes to a simple Geocities website with station logo and basic information. http://www.995thebreeze.com

Over on the Big Island, the webmaster from Persis Corp. sent me URLs for all of the Big Island Radio owned stations. The URLs are long and complicated, so they won't be listed here as such. The direct link to Big Island Radio is http://www.biradio.com/BiRSite/BirHome/BigIslandRadioHomepage.htm.

The firm operates the following radio stations: KIPA 620 AM, which plays mainly an adult standards music format and is the home of longtime morning pesonality Melvin "Mynah Bird" Medeiros, "Kiss Radio" (KPVS FM & KLUA FM) which features an adult contemporary music format, "K-Hawaii FM" (KAOE FM & KAOY FM) specializing in classic rock music and KAPA FM, the firm's Hawaiian music stations. Big Island Radio's operations blanket both the East and West side of the island with dual transmitters for all of their properties simulcasting the signal of each format.

The final URL comes from KVIB FM which will be broadcasting at 103.5, low power. The station which got its approval to commence construction earlier this year, will be a community run, non-profit operation broadcasting out of the village of Volcano, Hawaii on the Big Island's eastern side. The station owners have an infomative web page in which they are soliciting donations, looking for equipment and volunteers to man the operation.

News From Around the Dial

KHON TV debuts a new locally produced game show this coming Saturday at 5:30 PM. "Mahjong Party" featuring hosts Brickwood Galuteria (of KINE FM) and comedian Frank DeLima joins the station's other locally produced game show "Jan Ken Po." The show will be a hi-tech version of the old Chinese domino game.

Weekend news anchorman Shawn Ching of KITV will be promoted to weeknight anchor on the same station, filling in the position recently vacated by Dan Cooke. Former KGMB TV reporter Mahealani Richardson, who has been doing a stint on the mainland will be taking over the weekend anchor desk at KITV starting in September. More details at this link.

As mentioned on our message board last week, I-94 mid-morning DJ Kathy With a K was recently promoted to do the same time slot on sister station KSSK FM, after Debra West left the #1 rated operation. Info about Kathy can be found at the KSSK website. She has been in the radio business for about 10 years now starting with the now defunct Radio Free Hawaii back in the 1990s.

Finally New Wave Broadcasting was recently fined by the FCC for not airing the Emergency Alert System tests on radio station KPOI FM.

July 30, 2002

Adult Contemporary and Hawaiian
Music Tops in Radio Ratings

The spring 2002 Arbitron ratings book was released July 29 for the Honolulu Market.

For the overall ratings, KSSK FM dominates even though it lost .6 perentage points from the Winter period. They more than likely lost that share to KRTR FM which gained some points to pull in a 7.2 share good enough to put it in 2nd place proving that adult contemporary music rules the top of the ratings roost for Honolulu.

Hawaii's 3 established Island and Hawaiian music outlets bring up the next tier of rating winners, with KINE FM 105.1 leading the pack for #3 overall, followed by KCCN FM and KDNN FM "Island Rhythmn".

Alternative rock music station KUCD FM popularly known as "Star 101.9 FM" is #7 overall, followed by a tie for 8th place between urban CHR "Da Bomb" at 102.7 FM and "Lite Rock" KUMU FM. "I-94 FM" is tied for 8th with KSSK AM, with conservative news and talk station KHVH AM and Oldies 107.9 FM making it to #9 and #10 respectively.

In the top 10, Clear Channel has 6 stations, followed by 3 of Cox's properties with New Wave and Maverick Media (Pacific West according to the R & R webpage) bringing in the remaining slots of the top 10.

During this rating period, two stations changed formats... KORL FM from soft rock to Contemporary Hawaiian music, and KAHA FM from alternative rock to classic rock. Both stations have yet to build a sizeable audience if you go by Arbitron's book. KAHA's format change came in right after the ratings period closed. KORL also switched call letters to KHUI and gave their old calls to KQMQ AM, which broadcasts the Radio Disney format.

The top 10 stations in the Hawaii market are as follow:

7. KDDB FM & KUMU FM (tied)
8. KIKI FM & KSSK AM (tied)

Numeric breakdown of the Arbitron ratings for the Honolulu market is available at this link.

More information also available at this link through StarBulletin.com.



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