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March 21, 2003

WAR: News Coverage Pre-empts Local & Network Programs

Honolulu's 4 major network TV stations made last minute changes to their program schedules as the nation went to war with Iraq late Monday afternoon. Local newscasts have been abbreviated to favor network news coverage of the war, with several news specials and live feeds from CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and CNN taking the place of regular programs. The cable news channels have practically been covering the war around the clock since it started.

Fox News spent most of last night airing a live feed of a tank and armor division heading north toward Iraq's major population centers from Kuwait.

Meanwhile residents of Hawaii have been turning to the around teh clock newcasts in droves as they track the early progress of the new war. Military families have been most interested as they watch or listen closely for any detail that may effect a loved one overseas.

Radio stations KIPO FM, KHBZ AM and KHNR AM are offering around the clock news feeds and analysis of the war.


Channel 2 News Still Tops in Market

Results from the February ratings sweeps were recently compiled and published. Once again, the Channel 2 News with Joe Moore is the market leader for this period. Moore's nightly news at 6 and 10 remains well ahead of the competition with double digit shares.

In the 5 o'clock early evening news, Channel 2's broadcast with Leslie Wilcox has nearly caught up with the timeslot's leader, KITV's Channel 4 News with Gary Sprinkle and Pamela Young


Radio Station Calls Letters On eBay

Radio station KENT at 1170 on the dial is having its call letters offered on an auction website. The station's owner, Utah based AM Radio 1170 Inc. is selling the call letters for a minimum bid of $30,000. No takers so far.

KENT was briefly on the air for only a few months before suspending its test broadcast in February.


March 18, 2003

Ohana Road Makes Television Debut

Ohana Road TV Logo Ohana Road TV Host
Ohana Road, a new television program for local auto enthusiasts made its debut the past Saturday on KITV Channel 4. The program is hosted by Dale Payson and Jenn Boneza (shown above, right). More details can be read at this link.

Governor Lingle's Radio Broadcast Goes Statewide

Governor Linda Lingle's weekly Monday morning broadcast on the Rick Hamada show at KHVH 830 AM has found a neighbor island audience. Talk radio stations KQNG 570 AM on Kauai, Hilo's KPUA at 670 AM and Maui's KAOI 1110 AM started airing the Monday morning hour last week. The "talk story" segment with the Governor airs from 7 to 8 AM.

March 13, 2003

The New KHBC is Not the First KHBC

An identity crisis is brewing in Hilo regarding the use of the KHBC call letters. While the new operation (see below) has adopted the KHBC call sign, New West Broadcasting's Chris Leonard claims that "The KHBC call letters are simply being used by a new broadcast operation hoping to capitalize on the original station's heritage."

The station which originally had the call letters is now KPUA, which is still broadcasting in Hilo at 670 AM.

To further cloud the issue, Hilo already has a TV transmitter station called KHBC, which broadcasts on Channel 2 and relays KHNL's programming from Honolulu.

The issue should be settled once Buddy Gordon of Hilo Broadcasting files an official change of call letters with the FCC.


March 9, 2003

Mynah Bird Returns to Hilo's Airwaves on the new KHBC 1060 AM

KHBC, Hilo's newest radio station will hit the airwaves officially at 5AM tomorrow morning (Monday, March 10) with Lillian O'Conner's "Sounds of the Orient" program at 5:AM followed by the return of the Mynah Bird Show from 6 to 10 a.m.

The station is taking the place of the old KAHU which formerly occupied the dial at 1060 AM. The new call letters are KHBC, which according to radio historians is a legacy call sign that originated in Hilo in 1936.

The format of the new KHBC will be a mixed variety ranging from Hawaiian classics to adult standards and classic rock and jazz on the weekends.

Mynah Bird's return to Hilo's airwaves will be a blessing for his many longtime listerners in the East Hawaii area. However with the limited range of KHBC's 5,000 watt stereo signal, listeners who used to tune into the Mynah Bird show on KIPA will not be able to receive it.

Here is the weekday line-up for KHBC:

5:AM - Sounds of the Orient with Lillian O'Conner (Japanese music)
6:AM - The Mynah Bird Show with Mel Medeiros (News, talk, music)
10:AM - Stephanie Salazar (News, talk, music)
3 - 7PM - "Ho'i i ka Hale" with Pohai Mullins & Bruddah Brad Freeman

Iaukea Bright will be on KHBC on Saturday afternoons with "Kanaka Calabash" with Thor bringing back his "Music for a Change" show on Saturday and Sunday nights which will feature a mix of Classic/Progressive Rock and Jazz. "Music for a Change" was a fixture on KIPA radio during the 1970s.

-- Thanks to Charles for sending this article in.

KALO TV is New Hope Chapel's Media Outlet

Erika Engle at StarBulletin.com reports that KALO TV, Channel 38 on the UHF dial and Oceanic Cable is the island's only Christian TV station that does not do any donation drives.

KALO TV or more commonly known as "K38, The Spirit of Aloha" has been on the air since last December and devotes most of its broadcast day to Christian and family oriented programming. The station will air local programs from its studio and presently broadcasts services from Farrington High School.

There are a total of 4 Christian broadcast stations in Honolulu. They include KWHE 14, KAAH 26, KWBN 44 and KALO 38. Pax TV's KXPO also broadcasts some religious programming during their broadcast day.

KALO TV has a website which requires a Flash plug-in.


News Briefs from Since the Last Update

It's been a while since this page was updated. Here are some of the recent items that were called to my attention by some of our readers.

New Wave Broadcasting got a new general manager late last month. Dan Manella, a former GM at a three staton Clear Channel cluster in Milwaukee has taken over the GM duties from New Wave's Jeff Schatz. More details at this link: StarBulletin.com

Greg Everett reports new website links for the KAOI Radio Group on Maui. KAOI owned by Visionary Related Entertainment operates KAOI FM, KAOI AM News & Talk Radio, KDLX FM Country Radio and Q-103.7 FM "The Rhythm of the Islands". The new sites appear at this URL: http://www.kaoi.net/.

February 8, 2003

Was Mayor's Speech News or a Paid Program?

Questions are surfacing whether or not Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris' recent State of the City speech was a paid program or a news event. Only two television stations, Emmis' KHON TV and KGMB TV carried the mayors' speech live on the evening of January 24.

The City Council wants an explanation of a $6,000 expenditure paid to the television stations for coverage of the speech. In the past, the mayors' speech was usually carried live through Olelo public access TV with highlights played on local TV stations' newscasts later in the day.

City Council Budget Chairperson Ann Kobayashi has taken issue with the mayor using taxpayer funds to pay for the live airing of the speech.


January 29, 2003

Mary Zanakis Wins Case Against Emmis' Channel 2

Former KHON reporter and health desk anchor, Mary Zanakis (who is currently working for KITV Channel 4) won her lawsuit against her former employer, Emmis Communications and Channel 2. A federal jury awarded her $87,000.

Defendents in the case were Emmis, former KHON General Manager Kent Baker and former Channel 2 News Director Jim McCoy. The suit alleged that KHON violated her Federal Medical Leave Rights by not allowing her to return to the position she held before she left the station for maternity leave in 1999.


January 23, 2003

Fall Arbitrons Produce Usual Winners

The fall Arbitron Ratings were released on Wednesday, and once again KSSK FM & AM's simulcast dominate in both the morning show races and overall 6 a.m. to midnight overalls. Michael W. Perry and Larry Price continue their long domination of Honolulu's morning drive pulling in a signficant share of 22.6, according to Erika Engle's StarBulletin.com report.

The overall 6 to midnight ratings show Clear Channel's KSSK at the top of the heap followed by #2 KRTR FM, #3 KCCN FM, #4 KINE FM, and #5 KDNN FM. KSSK and KDNN are Clear Channel stations with KCCN, KINE and KRTR Cox properties.

In the CHR-Rhythmic format battle, Clear Channel's I-94 FM (KIKI) has by-passed its two main competitors, New Wave's KDDB FM "Da Bomb" and Cox's "XME 104.3"

Fans of rock music can still rely on Clear Channel's "Star 101.9 FM" (KUCD) to dominate the alternative market.

On the talk radio front, KHVH AM outdistances their closest competition, KKEA AM which specializes in a sports-talk and news format.

Finally country radio station KHCM 940 AM makes its first appearance in the Arbitrons near the bottom of the chart.


January 20, 2003

More Changes on Big Island Radio Dial

HONOLULU, 7:55 PM - The departure of the Big Island's most popular morning personality, Mel "Mynah Bird" Medeiros a day earlier than planned from KIPA radio signaled the beginning of several changes to take place at Big Island Radio's group of stations.

Medeiros will be moving to KAHU radio, 1060 on the AM dial starting next month. Buddy Gordon, the new owner of KAHU indicates the station will go live with a locally geared format and a new set of call letters. The ownership and call letter changes are subject to FCC approval.

Back at the Big Island radio group of stations, changes are happening on the FM side with Hilo's KHWI 92.7 dumping their long standing rock format in favor of an urban contemporary mix. The station's new monicker will be "Wild 92.7". KAOY FM 101.5 in Kona will retain the rock format that was previously simulcast on 92.7.

A new line-up of personalities will round out the new Wild 92.7 line-up, scheduled to go active this Friday. On the AM side, Wild Bill Logan has taken over Mynah Bird's slot on KIPA.


Marketing a New Identity for Local PBS Affiliate

Hawaii Public Television will be changing its name and imaging identity on February 2. The private, non-profit broadcasting entity that has long been Hawaii's home for PBS programming will adopt a new name and identity: PBS Hawaii, starting on February 2nd.

The new identity is being seeked to avoid confusion between the similarly named Hawaii Public Radio. Both are two different entities.

It is hoped that the new identity will "create a better brand name for itself, resulting in more recognition and support as it continues the transition from a state-reliant to a community-based nonprofit," says President and Chief Executive Officer Mike McCartney.

PBS Hawaii will retain the call letters of their television stations, KHET Channel 11 in Honolulu, and KMEB Channel 10 on Maui.


Dashefsky Talks About Cyberspace in Hard Drive Article

KHNL Hawaii News 8 anchor Howard Dashefsky is the featured cover story on news and broadcasting in cyberspace at the Hawaiian Hard Drive website and newspaper. Hawaiian Hard Drive is a computer and technology driven publication.

In the cover story, Dashefsky has stated that the internet has been one of the biggest changes that has occured in the news industry. He stated that while information is very easy to obtain via the net, most of it has to be verified in order to insure accuracy.

Dashefsky has been in the news business for 20 years now having started at KGMB before doing anchor duties at KHON and KITV. He moved to KHNL News 8 a few years ago and anchors their nightly newscast with Jodi Leong.


Changes Around the Dial & In Cyberspace

Star-Bulletin's Erika Engle reports that several changes are taking place in the news departments of KHON and KGMB TV, both owned by Emmis Communications. KHON reporter Sheryl Turbeville has been given an off-air post assisting managing editor Mark Matsunaga. Channel 2 reporter Tannya Boyd will be replacing Bernadette Baraquio in the morning news co-anchor seat with Kirk Matthews. Baraquio will go back to beat reporter.

A new consultant is working at KGMB TV and Channel 2 gets a new news director. More details at this link.

In cyberspace, several Maui radio stations have lost their web connections as previously valid web URLs have either gone down or been snapped up by another firm. All of the web URLs to KAOI's radio stations are no longer functioning, and the former SportZone 55 URL for Maui's KMVI radio station now points to a firm selling viagra.

Maui's KPMW recently contacted the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide to inform us of their revised format - Rhytmic CHR/Top 40 and about its website, which is linked to the guide but not functioning. They bill themselves as "Hawaii's Party Station."

Dead links have also been removed from KONI radio, as their website has been long down.

Radio Disney now provides an active link to many of their affiliates including Honolulu's KORL AM at 690 on the dial. Radio Disney has had a presence in the Honolulu market for several years now. KORL is owned by New Wave Broadcasting.

January 17, 2003

Reporter Mary Zanakis Suit Goes to Trial

Reporter Mary Zanakis' lawsuit against her former employer KHON TV went to trial yesterday. In her suit, Zanakis claims that Emmis Communications, former KHON General Manager Kent Baker and news director Jim McCoy "violated her rights under the federal Family Medical Leave Act by not returning her to an equivalent position, then later terminating her," according to a report published in yesterday's Honolulu Star Bulletin.

Zanakis is currently a reporter at KITV Channel 4.

She is asking to be reinstated to her former position as KHON's morning news health anchor and producer, a position in which she was paid $71,000. She is seeking damages for lost wages totalling to about $770,000 according to the published report.

Zanakis worked at KHON TV for 18 1/2 years before being terminated in June of 1999. She is being represented by her former husband and attorney Thomas Pico. The juried trial is being heard in U.S. District Court by Federal Judge David Ezra.


January 12, 2003

KIPA's "Mynah Bird" Leaving Station on Friday

Melvin "Mynah Bird" Medeiros, a Big Island institution in morning drive radio announced that he will be leaving KIPA Radio AM 620. The last day of his island-wide broadcast will be this coming Friday, January 17. He says that Friday's broadcast will be "business as usual" as he closes shop at the station after a 22-year stint there.

KIPA's signal blankets almost the entire Big island with repeater stations in both East and West Hawaii.

Medeiros stated that he will apply for a position at Hilo's KAHU, 1060 on the AM dial, working for his friend and new station owner Buddy Gordon, who spent years at KIPA radio as general manager until last October.

Mynah Bird has been a fixture on Big Island morning radio for many years after being affilated with KPUA AM for many years in the 1960s and 1970s.


Thanks to all of my Big Island radio friends for this information. -- mel

KPUA.net Website Expands With Full-Time News

Hilo's KPUA.net website, which is the home to station information of KPUA 670 AM is now running a full time news site with continuous updates to International, National, local, financial news, etc. ĘThe site is also running a searchable database for KPUA programming that will allow visitors to search for sports and regular broadcast schedules.


January 10, 2003

Channel 2 Expands Morning News

A half hour will be added to KHON's Channel 2 Morning News with Kirk Matthews and Bernadette Baraquio beginning this coming Monday, January 13. The morning weekday news will start at 5AM instead of its familiar 5:30 AM start time, and finish at its usual time of 8AM.

Dan Dennison will also be joining the staff at KHON TV as the station's news director starting on February 1st.


January 8, 2003

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Speaks on Music & Media Ownership

FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein delivered this speech at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. at the "Future of Music Coaltion Summit" on January 6. An excerpt:

"Today, I want to encourage other musicians, and every artist, to make your voices heard to your Government and especially at the FCC. As I will discuss, the FCC is about to make some major decisions that will affect all of our lives. Those decisions will most directly affect people, including some of you here today, whose music, programs, and movies are carried over the airwaves. Our whole country will fare better if musicians and other artists are heard in these debates."


Fox TV Series to Be Filmed on Oahu

"The Break" a new police crime series will shoot its pilot episode as early as next month on Oahu's North Shore. The program, produced by John Stockwell and Brian Grazer was given the approval by the Fox network to start production. The producers were last in Hawaii filming the movie "Blue Crush", which came out last summer.

A casting call has been made for a lead actor on the mainland, and a local cast and crew will be assembled shortly after.

The series may air on the Fox network for the upcoming fall season this year.


January 7, 2003

Governor Lingle on KHVH Radio

Governor Lingle Governor Linda Lingle started a weekly morning broadcast on KHVH Talk Radio yesterday. As part of a regularly scheduled Monday morning visit on the Rick Hamada Show, Governor Lingle will be taking questions from the general public about the office and state government in general through listener call ins.

In her first broadcast as Hawaii's chief executive, Governor Lingle fielded questions on everything from serving on various boards and commissions to animal quarantine regulations and what recent movies she has seen. Lingle was regularly featured on Monday mornings at KHVH in her capacity as Republican Party chairman before declaring herself as a candidate last year.

KHVH also announced a shift in their weekday line-up, moving the popular Michael Savage show to 6 in the evening in order to accomodate same day coverage of the entire broadcast. Local talk show host Mike Buck moves up 2 hours and covers the drive-time slot from 2 to 6PM. The Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory will start at 9PM.

More information:

2.1 Million Watched Hawaii Bowl Football Game

The ConAgra Foods Hawaii Bowl football game attracted a viewing audience of 2.1 million people to capture a 2.42 rating. The bowl game which featured the University of Hawaii against Tulane, was played before a national audience on the ESPN cable sports network. It aired on Christmas Day.


January 1, 2003

KALO TV Added to Oceanic's Line-Up

Another religious television station recently took to the airwaves in the Honolulu-Oahu market. KALO, Channel 38 on the UHF dial went on the air in October of 2002 and was added to Oceanic Cable's basic channel line-up on December 23. The station is owned by Pacifica Broadcasting Company and can be reached at the following phone number: 591-8282.

More details about KALO can be found here.


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