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Updated April 27, 2000

Art Bell Signs Off

Popular late night talk show host Art Bell called it a career last night after doing his last nationwide broadcast. Bell's "Coast to Coast AM" program will be handed over to successor Mike Siegel starting tonight. Over the years Bell, who broadcast from his home in Nevada built a strong following with an eclectic mix of topics ranging from the usual politics to computer issues, witchcraft, folklore and UFOs. "Coast to Coast AM" was broadcast over 400 radio stations and will continue on most of them in the wake of Bell's departure.

Personal reasons were cited for his retirement. The official press release about Bell's retirement is at http://www.artbell.com/retire.html

"Coast to Coast AM" as well as the affiliated "Dreamland" program is carried over KHVH 830 AM on Oahu and KAOI 1110 AM on Maui. The Art Bell website is at http://www.artbell.com


New Kona FM Relays KAPA's Programming

KAPA FM 100.3 in Hilo is now being relayed by the new KAGB FM 99.1 on the west side of the Big Island. The 38,000 watt transmitter will serve the majority of the Kailua/Kona area and will also be heard in the Kamuela/Waimea district.

The popular "Two Guys" in the morning program will continue on both stations 6:AM to 10:AM Monday through Saturday and will not be on "KISS" KLUA FM 93.9 which was the temporary home of the morning show until the changeover to the new station.

The "KISS" light rock format will continue on KPVS 95.9 in Hilo and KLUA FM 93.9 in Kona. KAPA/KAGB broadcasts a Hawaiian music format. All stations are owned by Big Island Radio and operate 24 hours a day.

    --- Charles (Chuck) Boehnke


Merrie Monarch Live On the Net

For years, the three-day Merrie Monarch Hula Festival has been broadcast live on KITV 4 from Hilo, and will continue.

This year the entire festival coverage will also be broadcast live over the internet at http://www.merriemonarchlive.com. The 37th annual Merrie Monarch Festival, starts tonight and runs through Saturday is being streamed over the internet by Evolution Hawaii.

Maui's Charlie Maxwell show on KNUI AM 900 will also be broadcasting from Hilo this Friday from 10:00am to 12:00pm on http://www.knuiam900.com. He will be doing interviews and talking story with those in attendance.


KHVH Unveils New Website

Talk radio station KHVH 830 AM unveiled their new website. The site's URL is http://www.khvh830am.com

April 12, 2000

KGU Drops the Ball

Hawaii's oldest radio station, KGU AM 760 recently dropped their all sports talk format and has changed over to news and talk with some of their sports features intact. The format change moves the station into the same conservative talk arena as category leader KHVH radio.

Mike Buck anchors KGU's morning drive with syndicated talk radio stalwarts Oliver North and Michael Reagan filling the daytime talk slots. Mayor Jeremy Harris' afternoon show moved from sister station KHNR to KGU. The night time slot is filled with John Miro's sports program and Joey Reynolds' to midnight.

The station which formerly billed itself as "The Ball" now goes by the monicker, "The Voice of Hawaii."

April 9, 2000

TV's "Destination Stardom" Cancelled

Producer Al Masini cancelled the Hawaii based "Destination Stardom" TV series. The cancellation was attributed to a lack of funds and support from the Hawaii State Legislature, which modified a bill that would have put taxpayer dollars into made in Hawaii TV productions.

The program never got the big ratings it had hoped for and was bounced around from day to day on the PAX network. Local affiliate KPXO TV will continue airing re-runs of "Destination Stardom" at least until the start of the fall TV season.


Big Island's KIPA Radio Format Changes

"Kool Oldies" is a thing of the past at Hilo's KIPA AM 620 and Kona's KKON AM 790. The stations, owned by Big Island Radio, now feature a satellite fed music mix of "MOR" standards and old favorites.

The exceptions are Mynah Bird from 6:AM to 11:AM Mondays through Saturdays and Vic Vierra Mondays through Fridays 3:PM to 6:PM with his popular "Pau Hana" Program. They both continue with their homespun local type programming and often feature new Hawaiian Music.

Dennis O'Leary's "Sunday Show" is no longer being carried Sunday Mornings and O'Leary has left the station at this time and is not doing his former "fill-in" and other air shifts.

KIPA is heard in Hilo, Kona, and Ka'u on 620 AM while KKON is simulcast in Kona on 790 AM.

    -- from Charles Boehnke


Uncle Charlie's Show on KNUI Radio

You can hear Uncle Charlie, Hawaiian cultural specialist and kahu, live on the Internet: "Talk Story with Uncle Charlie" on Aloha Fridays -- brought to internet at: http://www.mauione.com/

Tune in Fridays, 10:00am. to 12:00 noon -- Hawaiian Time: http://www.broadcast.com/radio/international/knui

On Maui's KNUI radio, which, according to Uncle, plays real Hawaiian music. With fun, humor and Hawaiian mana`o (thinking), Uncle has a lot to say to make you think, appreciate, and get motivated to contribute back to Hawaii.

    from usenet posting by "Aunty D".

March 3, 2000

Lee Enterprises Puts KGMB TV on Sale

Hawaii's CBS affiliate KGMB TV is up for sale. It's owners, Lee Enterprises is getting out of the broadcasting business to concentrate on publishing and online activities. KGMB's relay stations on Maui (KGMV) and Hilo (KGMD) are also part of the sale. In addition the company is also selling its broadcast interests on the mainland.


More News in Brief

"Emme's Island Moments" television specials are moving to KGMB TV. Former KHVH personality Barry Vilamil will get his own, weekly sports-talk show starting Monday, March 13 on KCCN 1420 AM.

March 1, 2000

KCCN FM 100 On Top of Aribtron Ratings

Arbitron released the Fall 1999 radio station ratings for Honolulu. Nothing suprising in the highly contested morning drive time slot, where KSSK's Perry & Price commanded the largest audience with an 18.9% share of the morning audience. In a distant second was KCCN FM 100's team of Billy V. and Charlie Espina. Despite KCCN's consistent, but growing #2 spot in morning drive, the station did post an impressive 10.2% share of the overall 6am to midnight audience, making them the most listened to radio station in Honolulu.

The ten most popular radio stations in the Honolulu market from 6:AM to Midnight are:

     1. KCCN FM 100.3
    2. KSSK 92.3 FM
    3. KINE 105.1 FM
    4. KXME 104.3 FM
    5. KRTR 96.3 FM
    6. KIKI (Hot I-94 FM)
    7. KPOI 97.5 FM
    8. KUMU 94.7 FM (tie)
    8. KUCD "Star 101.9 FM"
    10. KGMZ 107.9 FM

For more information on radio ratings visit Radio & Records. For format information on Honolulu's radio stations and dial line-up, click here.


News in Brief

The Hawaii State Legislature has a new talk show airing from the House Chambers on Olelo Public Access channel 54. The call in talk show airs Fridays at 4:PM.
Rabbett's Internet Radio Hawaii, the first net bitcaster in the state is now netcasting a live, 24 hour a day music stream via its website using Microsoft Windows Media Player technology.

Former KITV 4 weekend co-anchor Jodi Leong joined the weeknight anchor desk at rival KHNL Hawaii News 8 last week. She is now paired with former KITV anchorman, Howard Dashefsky who moved to News 8 early last month. Meanwhile at KITV 4, former KHON TV 2 reporter Mary Zanakis recently joined the ABC affiliate.

Former KQMQ radio personality Cliff Richard is recovering from a recent bone marrow transplant after he came down with leukemia last year. Everyone wishes him the best.

The Baywatch Hawaii television series has been renewed for a second season of shooting in the islands. The production has been in the news recently due to the fact that producers are asking the state to subsidize the program to a tune of $2.5 million over the objections of many taxpayers. Stay tuned.

February 10, 2000

DJ, Talk Host Ted Sax Dies

Longtime radio personality Ted Sax passed away from a number of ailments. Sax was a DJ on radio stations KORL and KGMB in the 1950s and 60s. He tried to promote a Beatles concert, ran for political office and most recently served as talk show host on radio station KWAI 1080.

January 29, 2000

Alternative Christian Rock Hits Local Airwaves

Honolulu now joins the parade of markets with out of state translators in the non-comm. portion of the band. K218CH is now on with 100 watts from Waikiki. It is on 91.5 and re-broadcasts the christian alternative format of KEFX Twin Falls, Idaho. Another KEFX translator is on in Kihei, Maui with 100 watts on 89.9 FM.

Brock Whaley
WH6SZ New Wave Broadcasting - Honolulu

forwarded from CB.

January 27, 2000

Dashefsky Moves to KHNL News 8

KITV News 4 anchorman Howard Dashefsky will be moving to KHNL TV News 8, starting today according to the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper. The status of Dashefsky, who had been anchoring KITV's newscast since 1995 was largely speculated upon, after KITV announced that it would be hiring KHNL anchorman Dan Cooke, who came from channel 4 to start KHNL's newscast in 1996.

Cooke will join Paula Akana and sportscaster Robert Kekaula at the KITV 4 news desk next week.


FCC Authorizes Low Power FM

The Federal Communications Commission authorized the broadcast of low power FM radio stations last week. After months of debate the authorization for setting up radio stations that can broadcast with a power rating of only 1 to 10 watts and up to 100 watts will become a reality when the FCC starts granting licenses starting this May.

Applicant radio stations must be non-commercial and broadcast at least a minimum of 36 hours per week.

The authorization of low power FM should open the airwaves to programmers with divergent points of view and musical tastes/genres.

For more information on lower power FM visit the FCC website:


January 7, 2000

KCCN & KINE Sold to Cox Radio

Top rated KCCN FM 100 along with sister stations KCCN AM 1420 and KINE FM 105.1 is being sold to the Cox Radio group. The sale is set to close this summer. Upon the deal's completion, Cox will own 7 radio stations in the Honolulu market... KRTR 96.3 FM, KXME 104.3 FM (Xtreme Radio), KGMZ 1460 AM and new acquisitions, KCCN FM & AM, and KINE FM.

The music format and personnel on the popular Hawaiian & Island music stations will remain the same.

Cox is selling KGMZ FM 107.9 (The Oldies Station) to Honolulu Broadcasting Company.

Details can be found at this URL:



"Baywatch" Aims For Local Primetime Slot

The Honolulu Advertiser reported yesterday that the producers of "Baywatch Hawaii" want to have their program aired in prime time on Channel 2, KHON. They're vying for the 9:PM Sunday night slot after the Fox Network's popular "X Files" TV series and would probably bump 2 other Fox programs out of prime time.

"Baywatch Hawaii" begins production of its 2nd season on Oahu starting this coming May.


PBN Reports New "Tech Radio" Format

Pacific Business News reports that AM FM Inc., owners of 7 Honolulu radio stations will be pioneering a new technical oriented radio format in conjunction with CNET. The format will start airing on a San Francisco radio station with plans for national distribution by the end of the year.

Details at: http://www.amcity.com/pacific/stories/2000/01/03/daily10.html


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