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Updated May 10, 2002.

The Breeze Comes Alive on Monday

Word is out that "The Breeze," New Wave's KHUI 99.5 FM will start their regular broadcast schedule starting this Monday, May 13. Program Director Mahlon Moore announces that Ola Souza will be doing the morning drive, Kimo Villarimo mid-days and Moore doing the afternoon drive. Their continuous music format will continue in the evenings with no DJ announced for the time being.

"Skylark Rossetti will be our station "voice" starting in about a week and Audy Kimura has done some of the imaging for the station," says Moore in an email sent to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide.

The Breeze "will continue to be very music-intensive and talk will be kept to a minimum." he added.

The old KORL website is still working as a temporary placeholder for The Breeze. According to the site information, they plan to add live streaming once the official Breeze website becomes active. Stay tuned.

Call Letter Changes Coming

Two Honolulu radio stations will soon be changing their call signs. KCCN 1420 AM will become KKEA. This comes about after the station was purchased by a local company from Cox radio group. Down at 690, New Wave plans to use the KORL call sign instead of the current KQMQ. AM 690 currently programs "Radio Disney," and was once the home of the old KKUA call sign in the 70s and 80s.

Details at Erika Engle's Buzz column.

Kauai's Hawaii Media Buys Maui's KONI FM
Format Changed from AC to Oldies

H. Hawaii Media, owners of Kauai radio stations KTOH, KITH, Travelhost Magazine Kauai and The Real Estate Book Kaua'i have purchased Maui's KONI FM 104.7. The purchase of KONI also marked a change in the station's format as it switches from Adult Contemporary music to Oldies and information. According to Shelly Cobb at H. Hawaii Media, KONI's music mix will include hits from the 60s, 70s, some 80s and island music tracks.

Olelo TV Partners With Department of Elections

In an effort to help bring more voters to the polls, it was reported yesterday that Olelo Public Access Television will be working with the State Department of Elections by producing more programming to make citizens aware of the upcoming elections. Election programming featuring issues, candidates and the public will dominate much of Olelo's programming starting in June. For more information, visit the Olelo website.

May 2, 2002

Market Favorites Dominate Winter Arbitron Ratings

The latest Arbitron Ratings released yesterday for the Honolulu radio market showed that Hawaii's audiences still love their adult contemporary and Hawaiian music formats the best. For the first time in recent years, an AM radio station is back in the Top 5.

Clear Channel's KSSK AM 590 climbed into the top 5 at #3 with a 7.0 share, up 1.6 from the Fall 2001 book. KSSK FM 92.3 maintained its overall #1 lead with a 10.5 share for this period.

Cox's contemporary Hawaiian music outlet, KINE FM at 105.1 recaptured the #2 spot after it's sister station, KCCN FM which plays a more upbeat island music format slipped to #5. Beating them with a similar format is Clear Channel's "Island Rhythm" 98.5 KDNN with a 6.0 share.

The winter ratings period wasn't very good for competing adult contemporary stations Cox's KRTR FM and Emerald City's KUMU FM. Both stations saw a slip in listnership, yet still remain in the top 10 at #6 and #7.

Rounding out the top 10 stations are New Wave's "Da Bomb 102.7" at #8, KGMZ 107.9 FM Oldies at #9 and "Star 101.9 FM's" alternative rock format at #10.

In talk radio, KHVH is still a full ratings point ahead of KCCN AM, though both stations lost some marketshare this period. KCCN AM was recently sold and will be changing call letters later this year.

The ratings for the next 2 periods will definitely be changing as New Wave's KHUI attempts to make a run for KINE's Hawaiian music listeners with other stations adjusting their formats and personalities in the never ending quest to gain more market share, secure ad revenue and turn a profit for corporate owners.

A complete list of the Arbitron Ratings can be found at Radio & Records website.

April 18, 2002

ESPN II to Air 3 UH Football Games

Three University of Hawaii football games will be aired nationally over the ESPN II network this coming fall. Contests with Fresno State, Brigham Young University and Washington State are slated to be aired before a nationwide audience according to sources with the Western Athletic Conference.

The University of Hawaii is also in negotiations with local TV station KFVE on the renewal of their sports broadcasting contract. More information at this link.

April 16, 2002

KCCN AM 1420 Sold

KCCN AM, a Cox owned radio station is being sold to Pacific Basin Communications, publishers of Hawaii Business Magazine. The sale, pending FCC approval represents a return to local ownership for the longtime AM operation. KCCN at 1420 on the AM dial broadcasts a sports/talk format and is the current radio home of University of Hawaii sports broadcasts and the ESPN radio network. The new owner plans to keep the current format intact.

More details in Erika Engle's Star Bulletin article.

KORL 99.5 FM is Now KHUI, "The Breeze"

New Wave Broadcasting's KORL FM changed its format to "The Breeze" and is now playing non-stop traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music. Announcement of the format change appeared first on the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide message board last Friday. With the format change comes new call letters for 99.5... KHUI.

The station is playing Hawaiian music non-stop for the month and will probably announce an on-air lineup after that. Stay tuned.

KNDI's Leona Jona Receives SBA Award

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently named KNDI radio owner Leona Jona as the Small Business Minority Advocate for 2002. KNDI has had a long tradition of airing programs that targeted Hawaii's diverse ethnic audience and continues to specialize in that format while bucking the industry trend of being sold off to a national conglomerate.

DigitalConsumer.org Advocates
for Consumer Digital Rights

Palo Alto, Calif. -- DigitalConsumer.org, a new organization at the forefront of consumer digital rights, announced its Consumer Technology Bill of Rights as well as its overall mission. The consumer-advocacy group, which unites entrepreneurs, investors and consumers, is proposing a set of principles that it intends to have passed into law. These principles would preserve consumers’ historic fair-use rights that have been recently diminished by changes in copyright law made at the request of media companies. With existing digital rights being challenged by media interests,

DigitalConsumer.org’s mission is to restore the balance of copyright law so that artists and creators can prosper while citizens have reasonable flexibility to use content in fair and legal ways. The group originated in 2001 by Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer, co-founders of the Internet portal, Excite, Inc. The launch coincides with testimony by Kraus at today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding the role of Congress in digital copyright issues.

Read the complete press release.

April 1, 2002

Baywatch to Return to Hawaii

KGMB TV reported last night that Baywatch, the syndicated lifeguard adventure show which shot 2 years worth of episodes in Hawaii is returning later this year for the making of a special reunion movie. Series star and producer David Hasselhoff returned to Oahu to scout locations. The TV news report indicated that well known Baywatch actors Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth will be in Hawaii for the encore shooting.

Emmis Dogged by FCC to Sell Station

The Federal Communications Commission as well as a local competitor is putting pressure on Emmis Communications to sell either KHON or KGMB TV. Emmis owns and operates two of the four major network stations in Hawaii, which under normal circumstances is a violation of FCC rules. Emmis has been granted several waivers over the dual station ownership issue, and has recently been awarded with another 90-day extension.

KHON is Hawaii's Fox affiliate and KGMB airs CBS' programming.

Despite that, the FCC is now requiring Emmis to produce documentation proving that the firm is actively selling one of the stations despite its claims of a slow Hawaii economy and a depressed market.

Upstart competitor, Waimanalo Television Partners LLC which is in the process of building a new TV station to broadcast at Channel 56 has written a letter to the FCC regarding Emmis's ownership of KHON and KGMB.

More details to this story can be found at this link:
Star Bulletin.com - The Buzz by Erika Engle

New Maui Radio Station Programs Eclectic Mix

A new radio station signed on in Maui a few weeks ago to the tune of an eclectic mix of music picked by its volunteer DJs. Radio station KEAO at 91.5 on the FM dial broadcasts out of Wailuku, Maui at around 100 watts of power. The station is licensed to Mana'o Radio and can be heard in the Maui communities of Kahului/Wailuku, Haiku, Pukalani, Puunene and parts of Kihei.

The program mix is quite eclectic says Paul Hanna in an email sent to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide, "If you're luck enough to be in range, check it out. KEAO transcends the strait-jacket of format radio, a refreshing freedom not only from commercials, but from the iron fist of a "program director." These folks are responsible for their own programs, varying virtually daily as events evolve,free of the chiseled niches of formula format radio, nearly universal these days. . ."

March 19, 2002

News 8 Tops At 10

KHNL's TV News 8 at 10:PM with Howard Dashefsky and Jodi Leong topped the long dominant KHON TV's Channel 2 News with Joe Moore during the February ratings sweeps for this year. This is the first time in many years that KHON's newscast has been bested by another.

NBC TV's Winter Olympics Coverage from Salt Lake City is being credited for helping KHNL beat the market leader. Whether or not News 8 will continue being #1 at 10 remains to be seen, as the May Nielsens come up in another month.

More details at Erika Engle's "The Buzz" column.

KSSK promo at car show
KSSK radio was at this weekend's Auto Show in the Hawaii Convention Center giving away a car
and other promotional items. Photos from the auto show can be found at this link.

March 17, 2002

FCC Ruling May Thwart Local Internet ISPs

An FCC ruling exempting cable internet companies from laws force them to open their lines to competition is seen as a blow for local internet providers LavaNet, Pixinet and several others. In an article published last Friday, it was noted that negotiations between Time Warner's Oceanic Cable, Hawaii's largest and practically only cable TV and internet provider and Lavanet may be in jeopardy because of the ruling.

LavaNet had long been an advocate to open Oceanic's cable lines to local internet providers. Up until late last year, Oceanic was the only provider of cable internet services. However they did open their lines to national cable services, such as America Online and Earthlink. America Online is co-owner of Time Warner.

The FCC's ruling will also impact public access cable TV provider Olelo, because fees collected for the state to meet Oceanic Cable's franchise requirement may have to be refunded to Oceanic's Roadrunner Internet subscribers and not be collected in the future. A spokesperson for Olelo indicated that this will effect their revenue stream.

Retro TV Hero Local Hit Again

Japan's 1970s cult hero Kikaida has become a local phenomenon on television once again, as KIKU TV continues to air re-runs of the popular 1970s show that is now being discovered by a whole new generation of children.

In her latest "Buzz" column, Erika Engle reports that they famed red and blue robot man and his alter ego, Jiro, will be on hand once again for a promotional visit to Hawaii starting on April 12. The super heroes will be making free appearances at the Japanese Cultural Center on April 13 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Details on Kikaida fandom can be found here or at KIKU TV's website.

March 7, 2002

Services Set For Faustino Respicio

Funeral services are set for this Saturday at Our Lady of Peace Cathedral at 8:30 a.m. for veteran broadcaster and television show host Faustino Respicio. He was the host of Hawaii's longest running local television show, "Filipino Fiesta" which aired for 33 years between 1953 and 1986. The program was a variety show that showcased talent from the Hawaii's Filipino community.

Respicio was the program's host and producer. It aired on KHON Channel 2 for most of its 33 year run. "Filipino Fiesta" had its origins in radio as Respicio started it to reach out to bachelor immigrant workers in the plantation community shortly after World War II.

Prior to that Respicio worked as a reporter for the now defunct Phillipine News Tribune and also wrote 2 books before starting his long broadcasting career.

He died on February 13, two days shy of his 97th birthday. More details at this link.

February 28, 2002

Branding Through Voice Tracking

One topic that generates debate on our message board is the issue of "voicetracking", where radio station personnel record digital shows for use on other stations and markets. The Honolulu Star Bulletin ran a story yesterday about Clear Channel radio conglomerate, which is building a brand name for itself through the use of voicetracking.

Unfortunately the article is not posted on the web, but can be read in the newspaper's business section (Feb. 27).

The Los Angeles Times also ran a similar article focusing on Clear Channel which can be read at this link.

Lightning Storm Knocks Hilo Radio Station

Hilo's Moody Radio outlet, religious translator station K22OEO is broadcasting with a limited power output due to a lightning storm strike Tuesday morning. According to startion spokesperson Miles Matsumura, "the result is a very soft audio level on both our on-air and cable frequencies..."

A replacement digital receiver is on order and the station is expected to be at full power by next week. Moody Radio can also be heard at this website: WMBI 90.1 FM.

February 27, 2002

Ron Jacobs' New Book on "Boss Radio"

Legendary radio personality Ron Jacobs has authored a new book, "KHJ: Inside Boos Radio", which chronicles the rise to #1 of the famous top 40 Los Angeles radio station in the mid 1960s. The book is published by Zapolean Media Strategies out of Texas and is available for purchase only through their internet website.

Jacobs is well known in the Hawaii radio market as one of the original "Poi Boys" at the old KPOI radio from the late 1950s. After moving to the mainland and creating the "Boss Radio" sound for KHJ, Jacobs went on to create the syndicated programs, "History of Rock n Roll," and "American Top 40" with Casey Kasem. After spending years on the mainland he returned to the islands and did the KKUA morning show in the mid 1970s. He later founded the old KDEO radio in the early 1980s and later at KCCN.

Visit Erika Engle's Buzz Column at StarBulletin.com for more information.

Around the Dial - Changes From Maui

Our Maui readers have reported a major format change at 98.3 FM, KMVI. The station was long known to be a classic rock outlet switched their format and call letters to play a mix of Urban-Hip Hop and Jawaiian music. Their new call letters are KJMD with the station going by the monicker, "Da Jam".

KJMD is owned by Pacific Radio Group. They also operate KPOA FM which recently changed their format to all Jawaiian music, as well as KNUI AM and FM, KLHI FM and KMVI AM.

Our readers also report that KNUQ at 103.7 FM out of Maui is now an all Jawaiian music station.

The decline of 98.3 FM as a classic rock outlet leaves Maui without the format, much to the disappointment of many fans.

February 5, 2002

Olelo Will Move To Blocked Programming

Oahu's public access cable channels on Olelo will start migrating to a blocked programming format starting next month. According to the latest edition of "In Sync", the monthly newsletter that is published for Olelo producers, "You'll see some subtle changes between March and June as we initiate one or two blocks for trial purposes." It was not stated exactly what kind of programming blocks this will effect, but for clarity's sake, it is stated that programs on Olelo will be grouped into areas such as sports, inspirational, culture, art, music, issues and government.

Currently individual Olelo channels are assigned certain programming types. For example, Channel 53's programming blocks consist mostly of Native Hawaiian programming, Channel 54's community viewpoints and government and Channel 55 geared mostly towards educational. It is assumed that the blocks will be more definitive within each of the 5 channels assigned to Olelo.

Stay tuned. More details about Olelo can be found at their website, www.olelo.org.

Hi-Tech Replaces Airbourne Traffic

The internet has impacted the broadcasting industry in more ways than one. In the latest turn of events, Cox Radio's traffic pilot Tony Peterle (who went by the names Buzz Bennett and Tony Scott) made his last airbourne traffic report last Thursday according to Erika Engle's "Buzz" column published in Tuesday's Honolulu Star Bulletin.

Cox VP Austin Valli indicated that new technology (mainly the internet) has "taken away the need for an airplane in the sky."

As a result Cox Stations (KRTR, KCCN, KINE, etc.) will be relying on reports generated from the Honolulu Traffic Mangement Center and broadcast over their stations by Danielle Tucker. The traffic center relies on a hundreds of cameras positioned through major throughfares on the island.

Several cameras offer real-time traffic updates at the Honolulu Traffic Camera website as well as on Olelo Channel 54 during the early morning and late afternoon rush hour commutes.

More details can be read in Engle's column. A discussion on this topic has been started on our message board.

January 29, 2002

Hawaii Public Radio Selling KIFO

Erika Engle reports in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that Hawaii Public Radio will be selling KIFO AM 1380 to Utah based Legacy Communications. After the new owners take over the station, AM 1380 will be moving down the dial to the 1370 position to "facilitate a station in Washington state to redirect its signal without interference and eliminating interference problems suffered by KIFO."

HPR is selling the AM operation for $500,000, funds which will be used to retire some debt and to re-engineer their FM station, KIPO. Hawaii Public Radio plans to strengthen its news and information format on KIPO and expand the operation to include translator stations on the neighbor islands, according to HPR President Michael Titteron.

Legacy Communications is known in the local braodcasting community as the owners of the long defunct frequency at 1170 on the AM dial, former home of Japanese radio station KOHO AM. After Legacy bought KOHO, they changed the call letters of the operation several times but have not broadcasted a signal since taking it over.

While Engle's story has shed some new light on Legacy Communications, more is probably expected from the broadcast community to see what the firm will now do with two local frequencies at its disposal. Click here to get the complete story.

KNUI AM Returns to the Air

Pacific Business News writer Howard Dicus reports that Maui's KNUI AM returned to the airwaves this week after being off the air for more than a week. He reports that a windstorm and snowfall atop Haleakalla knocked the station off the air. KNUi is back with a reduced signal playing its mix of traditional Hawaiian music. Select this link for more information.

January 23, 2002

Winter Honolulu Arbitrons Released

The usual format leaders once again led the pack of radio stations for the Honolulu market as the Winter 2001 Arbitrons were released yesterday. Market leader KSSK FM 92.3 is the#1 station in town garnering a 9.5 share of the listener audience. They program an adult contemporary music format, which is the dominant music format in Honolulu. KUMU FM, KRTR FM and KSSK AM, which are all in the top 10, are according to Arbitron, adult contemporary music operations. There are slight variations within those stations' formats.

Island Music and Hawaiian are also popular in Honolulu, as KCCN FM 100 maintains their 8.5 share which is good for 2nd place. They program a heavy mix of "Jawaiian/Reggae" type of music that has a huge appeal among the young local audience. While the more traditional contemporary Hawaiian music sounds programmed at KINE FM suffered a slight loss from the previous season's book, their 6.7 rating share was still good enough to put them in third place.

In the ongoing battle to capture the CHR/Rhythmic section of the musical spectrum, the category leader is New Wave's "Da Bomb FM" which experienced growth to capture 5.3% of the market.

Talk radio is gaining some popularity with category leader KHVH picking up several rating points to pull in a 4.1% share of the audience. Modern rock music fans will delight in the fact that "Star 101.9 FM" has picked up some percentage points to put it ahead of KPOI FM and "Lava Rock" for the quarter.

Down at the bottom of the ratings rung, is KUMU AM, whose adult standards format sank from a 1.1 share to 0.6. The station has made a format change to concentrate mainly on oldies from the 50s and 60s. KREA at 1540 AM makes its first Arbitron appearance with a 0.5 share. They are the first Hawaii based station to feature an all Korean language format.

The complete Arbitron Ratings can be found at this link.

Around the Radio Dial

A couple of changes have recently occured in Hawaii radio. First, it was recently posted by one of our message board regulars, Ivan Badget, that KORL 99.5 FM has tweaked their "Soft Rock" music format slightly, adding more 60s oldies and dropping the Hawaiian music off the map. A check on their website has confirmed this. Also at KORL, morning man Kimo Kahoano has been replaced by Joe Hart. The KORL weekday line-up consists of Hart in the mornings, Laurie Ann Saloman mid-days, Mahlon Moore at drive-time and Jordan in the evenings. The KORL website is at this link.

Over on the Big Island Ed Kanoi,formerly of Kauai's KQNG radio is now the morning drive man at Hilo's "KBIG" FM. He replaces D.C. who recently moved to Hilo's classic rock station, B-97 FM. Russ Roberts is still doing the morning news at KBIG with Kanoi. KBIG programs a mix of Hot Adult Contemporary hits with Island music. The KBIG website is at this link.

January 14, 2002

Oceanic Buys Garden Island Cable

AOL-Time Warner's Oceanic Cable announced that they will be purchasing Kauai's Garden Island Telecommunications. The purchase at an undisclosed price will all but guarantee that Oceanic will have a total monopoly of offering cable TV services to every island in the State of Hawaii.

The purchase is expected to close in another 5 to 6 months after the two firms clear some paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission and the State's Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs office.

Kauai's cable TV services reach about 75% of the island or about 20,000 viewers. Consumers have a choice of using cable, satellite TV or setting up UHF antennas to receive limited over-the-air reception.

Details at the following links:

Honolulu Star Bulletin
Kauai World
Oceanic Cable

Popularity Suspends Internet Radio Hawaii

Rabbett's Internet Radio Hawaii operation came to a halt yesterday as the station has not been able to meet its monthly goal to pay for its growing bandwidth usage. The internet station needs to raise $3700 to pay for its bandwidth costs. IRH operates largely on donations from listeners around the world. According to a memo posted by Rabbett, "Today the Bandwidth-Athon which needs to raise $3700 or more this month is stalled at $1485. If I can't raise enough in donations or figure out something else, it will be really quiet around here come February."

IRH is one of Hawaii's first internet webcasters, signing on more than 7 years ago. The station features a Hawaiian music format and has two programs... a 24 hour live stream and the original, weekly, "Music to Cruise By" show.

More details can be found at Internet Radio Hawaii. Details on how to donate can be found here.

January 11, 2002

A New Domain for the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide

I am happy to announce that the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide is hosted at its own domain. Starting today, the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide is being hosted at hawaiiradiotv.com.

The contents of theguide is now hosted at the new virtual domain in addition to the current website.

If you visit either site, you will hardly notice a difference. Basically I have loaded all of the pages to the new domain without many changes. In the months to come, a site re-design is in order and new features will be added. In time the old site will eventually cease to exist with the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide content. This will occur after I get most of the search engines and links to change their pointers to the new domain name.

If anyone has suggestions for the site, feel free as always to send me an email: macpro3000@yahoo.com.

Changes on the Radio and TV Dial

Eleven days into the new year, and changes on Hawaii's radio and TV dial have come about.

Big Island morning personality "D.C. in the Morning" (Darrin Carlson) moved to Hilo's B97 FM (KNWB) on December 17th. D.C. had been a morning fixture on on Hilo's KBIG radio (KKBG) for the past 16 years. In his new morning drive slot, D.C. is now spinning the best classic and modern rock hits.

Meanwhile back on Oahu, Lori Miyashiro from the Q Morning Zoo at 93.1 FM hung up her microphone to pursue a journalism degree. She was part of KQMQ's morning show with Jeff Kino and Shawn Ho. Kino and Ho continue as a twosome with the Zoo weekday mornings. Details at this link.

On January 1st, Emerald City's KUMU AM 1500 dropped adult standards in favor of a 50's and 60's pop-rock format. Meanwhile, Salem's KAIM AM 870 simply dropped out from broadcasting any signal. The owners took their 50,000 watt transmitting facility offline due to overbearing electricity costs. KAIM's religious programming has been transferred to Salem's KGU AM 76.

KHVH's Rick Hamada won Small Business Hawaii's George Mason Award for best business editorial at SBH's annual conference, January 9th.

On the television dial, Erika Engle reports that KITV and Oceanic Cable has stopped the local Channel 4 newsfeed into the Headline News cable service.

Finally KWBN Channel 44 has resumed broadcasting its Daystar Network religious programming after being off the air for several weeks late last year.


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