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July 30, 2003

Spring Arbitrons Draw the Usual Stations into the Top 5

By now just about anyone knows that Honolulu's top radio stations are KSSK FM, KCCN FM, KRTR FM, KINE FM and KUMU FM. All of those stations command a significant chunks of Honolulu's overall ratings with share percentages of 5.0 and higher between the hours of 6AM and midnight with listeners 12 and older. In corporate circles, Cox claims a great majority of the top 5 with KCCN, KRTR and KINE. Clear Channel's KSSK has long been number one, and still dominates the morning drive with the Perry & Price morning team from 6 to 10 a.m.

The contenders in this book include KDNN "Island Rhythmn" 98, KSSK AM 590 (both Clear Channel), KAHA 105.9's "Big Kahuna" Classic Rock (Maverick Media), with Cox's "Oldies Channel" KGMZ 107.9 FM tied with New Wave's "Da Bomb" KDDB FM 102.7 in positions 5 through 9.

Just outside the top 10 stations are KIKI FM, KQMQ FM and KXME FM tied with 3.8 shares followed by KHVH Talk Radio 830 AM.

More on the ratings can be found here: KSSK STILL TOPS | HONOLULU OVERALL ARBITRONS

EDITOR'S NOTE:I am on vacation from July 30 to August 9. No updates will be made at this time.

DCCA Seeks Public Comment on Cable TV Access

The State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs will be holding a series of public comment meetings for the purpose of addressing issues dealing with Statewide Cable TV Access. The meetings will be held on August 12, 13, 19, 25 and 27 on all of the major Hawaiian islands. A complete schedule can be downloaded from this link.

The DCCA is currently evaluating issues relating to Public, Education and Government cable TV access with a goal of developing a statewide plan that set forth a statewide policy.

The public is being invited to comment and participate in the process. This will present the public with the opportunity to make change in PEG access policy to help the DCCA implement a new plan.

PEG Access policy decisions will affect the operations of Olelo, Ho'ike, Akaku and Na Leo public access cable TV operations, which are funded through access fees in monthly cable subscriber bills.

Email comments are also being solicitated by the DCCA. You can send your comments in to the following email address: cabletv@dcca.hawaii.gov.

(Download both files; Acrobat Reader required for viewing)

DCCA Cable TV Division | Olelo Community Television | Akaku (Maui) | Ho'ike (Kauai) | Na Leo (Big Island)

July 11, 2003

KITV To Reimburse State for Japan Trip

KITV Channel 4 will reimburse the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau an estimated $4,100. The reimbursement comes after criticism was levied upon the station for sending reporter Mahealani Richardson and a cameraman to accompany Governor Linda Lingle on her trip to Japan this week.

The trip was arranged by the HVCB with the agreement of the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the Governor's office in an effort to brng timely coverage to Hawaii audiences. The station has been airing reports on it 10PM newscast for most of this week.

Questions about the trip may come up in a Legislative hearing scheduled for 10AM today.

More details can be found at this link. | KITV's Story


June 27, 2003

News From Around The Dial

New rules implemented by the FCC on media ownership may have an impact on the impending sale of Maverick Media's Hilo radio stations KHLO AM, KLEO FM, KKBG FM and KKOA FM to Pacific Radio Group, owners of several Maui radio stations. Meanwhile, starting on Monday, Maverick Media's KUMU AM & FM will bring in a new morning drive team to wake up their listeners. Tiny Tadani most well known for his Oceanic Cable TV series "Tiny TV" and former KHON TV news reporter Bill Brennan will team up with KUMU's Mandy Suganuma doing the news. More details at this link.

Finally, Thomas Maadie of Interwave notified me that radio station KJPN has established a new website at http://www.kjpn.net. KJPN or "K-Japan" features a format of Japanese music and news at 1370 on the AM dial in Honolulu.

June 12, 2003

TV: Channel 2 Tops in News, American Idol Local Favorite

KHON TV's daily newscasts all but swept the recent May ratings sweep month according to Nielsen Media Research. During the all important May sweeps period the Channel 2 News won its time slot for their weekday morning news, 6 and 10 o clock newscasts with Joe Moore while loosing by the slimest of margins to Channel 4's 5 o clock weekday afternoon news anchored by Gary Sprinkle and Pamela Young. Channel 4's 5 o clock news numbers have eroded since Channel 2 signed on with their own 5 o clock news show featuing Leslie Wilcox.

In prime time, the number one show for island audiences was Fox TV's "American Idol" which also airs on Channel 2. CBS's "CSI" came in number 2 for prime time, which is good news for local affiliate KGMB TV while NBC's "Friends" came in at #3 for KHNL. KITV's yearly broadcast of the Merrie Monarch Festival Hula Competiton was the highest rated, non-news local program for the period.

Ratings for the May sweeps determine how much each station can charge advertisers for air time.

In an unrelated matter, the FCC last week ruled in favor of multiple TV station ownership within the same market for media companies. The ruling may effect the continued dual ownership of local affiliates KHON and KGMB TV by Emmis Communications and Raycom Media's operations of KHNL and KFVE TV.


Learning Hawaiian Through KINE Website

Hawaiian music and language go hand in hand at radio station KINE's website. Kamehameha Schools teamed up with the local Hawaiian music format radio station to offer free Hawaiian language courses through the use of music at the station's website. The Hawaiian language instruction is being taught through a series of 8 45 minute broadcasts that will start on June 18. The program is being hosted by Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, a Hawaiian language teacher.

The online broadcasts will be archived at the KINE website and is accessible through the use of the Windows Media Player application. A printable songbook is also available at the website by downloading an Adobe PDF file.

To listen to the broadcasts, go to the KINE FM website and look for the link to Nahenahe music.


May 29, 2003

Radio Talk Show Answers Questions on Maternal Health

Medical professionals will provide helpful information for expectant mothers on KHVH 830AM's talk show "Pacific Island Health." The program, which airs June 14 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., features Queen's Hospital nursing specialists Katie Barbieto, Joy Nakamoto, and Ann Harada, who will discuss labor and delivery, lactation, and postpartum services. Listeners are invited to email questions on the program topic to hosts Rick Hamada and Dr. Duke Bainum at pacificislandhealth@usa.com.

"Pacific Island Health" is sponsored by the Bainum Foundation and by PRELStar, a Star Schools distance-learning program administered by Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL). PREL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides innovative education services to schools in Hawai'i, the U.S.-affiliated Pacific, and the continental U.S.

For further information, contact Joan Perkins at (808) 441-1420 or at perkinsj@prel.org.

May 23, 2003

June 2 FCC Decision May Erode Democracy

The FCC will decide on June 2nd whether to allow media companies to own and operate more than one major network television station in the same market. Activist groups are crying foul at the possible decision which will allow firms such as Emmis of Honolulu to permanently hold their 2 network TV station duopoly indefinitely.

A conference call was staged before the media this week by representatives of organizations such as Common Caus, MoveOn.org and Free Press "to argue that the Federal Communications Commission's June 2 vote could erode American democracy."

Activist groups claim that further consolidation of media ownership will erode local and overall diversity, while supporters claim that consolidation has resulted in increased growth of cable channels and internet offerings.

Should the FCC change the regulations, large firms such as Gannett Co., Inc. current owners of The Honolulu Advertiser could increase their broadcast holdings.


Oceanic's Nate Smith Speaks About Cable & Satellite TV

MidWeek magazine's latest cover story focuses on Time Warner/Oceanic Cable's Nate Smith who was tapped in 2001 to run the Hawaii operations of the state's largest cable TV company. In the feature cover story, Mr. Smith talks about his cable and satellite TV background and of the technological changes that have impacted both industries and their benefits to consumers.

The move is definitely on to digital cable says Smith, who claims that one of their goals at Oceanic is help get subscribers to move to their digital offerings.

The article is an interesting read and can be accessed at MidWeek's website for only a week (their cover stories change weekly and no archive is available). Go to the following link to read the story, but do it soon.

Link will be out of date by May 27, 2003

Local Broadcasters Win Regional Emmys

Four Hawaii TV operations won regional Emmys this past Saturday from the California chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Among the winners were Pamela Young of KITV for one of her "Mixed Plate" TV specials, KHNL's Seth Feldman and Duncan Armstrong about a blind University of Hawaii sports fan, Liz Chun and John Allen III for KGMB TV's "Warrior Pride: The Road to Respect" sports feature.


May 14, 2003

Maverick Media May Call Off Sale of KUMU & KAPA

Radio stations KUMU AM & FM, and KAPA FM are reverting to direct operations and management by their current owners, Maverick Media. The three Honolulu radio stations were in a process of being sold to Real Radio of America, LLC since late last year. Two of Real Radio's principals, Dan Bradley and Tim Rose arrived in January to operate the radio stations under a time brokerage agreement which has since been terminated for no apparent reason by Maverick Media.

The stations were to be sold for $5.2 million with the deal scheduled to close sometime during the first quarter of this year.

During the course of Real Radio's operation of KUMU and KAPA, some changes were made at the radio stations which saw the exit of some long time personalities and KUMU and adjustments to KAPA's programming. KUMU FM specializes in a soft rock format, their AM operations plays a mix of adult standards with some time being brokered to outside broadcasters and KAPA continuing as Honolulu's classic rock outlet, "The Big Kahuna."


Emmis's KHON and KGMB TV Await FCC Ruling

The Federal Communications Commission's proposal to allow companies to own more than one major network TV station in a given market has recently been put on the front burner. Emmis Communications' two Hawaii operations, KHON and KGMB TV may be permanently retained under single ownership should the FCC rule in this manner. The two stations have been operating under one owner through temporary exemptions granted by the FCC since Emmis bought out KGMB's former owner more than a year ago. Community groups such as the Soceity of Profeessional Journalists and the Honolulu Community Media Council have recently opposed single ownership of the Fox and CBS TV affiliates.


Dan Cooke's Corporate News Service Shuts Down

Former TV anchor Dan Cooke's firm Vitex has closed down. The firm was started last year at the Manoa Innovation Center to service the corporate community with daily news stories through audio news updates. The service was aimed at corporate executives nationwide and had the goal of becoming an international presence. Vitex's stories were tailored for individual industries. The firm was once working with the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones News Service. The reason for the shut down was attributed to a lack of funding.

Cooke is now in-between jobs and indicates that he may not want to re-enter the nightly news anchoring duties as he wants to spend more time with his children.


Future of Public Access TV May Be in Peril

A lengthy article published last month in the Honolulu Weekly newspaper, highlights the ongoing controversy surrounding community based TV services offered by the likes of Olelo and Akaku Public Access TV. The State of Hawaii recently allowed AOL Time Warner's Oceanic Cable the right to a lower franchising fee structure and allowing a cut in the number of channels available for public access programming through their services. Oceanic runs cable TV companies on all of the major Hawaiian islands.

The issue has free speech advocates, community television producers, the public access providers at odds with AOL Time Warner/Oceanic Cable, the State of Hawaii and even PBS Hawaii who also get some of their funding through cable acceess fees that are charged to subscribers.

The story by Ian Lind is an interesting read and can be found at this link.

May 9, 2003

KHON Loses On-Air Broadcast Signal

While most cable subscribers did not notice it, TV station KHON Channel 2, the local Fox affiliate lost their broadcast signal for several days beginning on April 29. The problem was attributed to a blown power supply at the station's transmitter site on Century Tower near Waikiki. Cable subscribers continued to get an uninterrupted feed of KHON TV because the signal is relayed to Oceanic by a fiber optic connection. Those people who get TV through the traditional antenna system were left in the cold for a few days.


April 30, 2003

KSSK, KCCN, KRTR Top Radio Ratings

The top radio stations in the Honolulu market have remained same in the latest Arbitron Ratings book released yesterday. Clear Channel's KSSK FM leads the overall market with their 9.5 share followed by KCCN FM with a 7.6 share and KRTR FM with a 6.4 share. The latter 2 stations are owned by Cox Radio. Rounding out the top 5 are KINE FM at 5.5 (Cox) and Maverick Media's KUMU FM with a 5.2 share.

Entering the top 10 for the first time is Maverick's KAHA FM which switched over to Classic Rock last year. "The Big Kahuna", the monicker under which KAHA identifies itself, is up for a national Radio & Records Station of the Year Award, one of the first for a station in the Hawaii market.

In the morning drive ratings, the duo of Michael W. Perry and Larry Price on KSSK FM & AM continue to lead the morning drive pack.


Shortfall Forces Layoffs at PBS Hawaii

Hawaii's Public Television Station, KHET Channel 11 now known as PBS Hawaii has been forced to layoff 5 people from their staff. The layoffs are being blamed on Hawaii's sagging economy and the fact that the station is $500,000 short in its fundraising efforts.

Two producers, a publicist and the station's graphic artist are among those being let go.

PBS Hawaii has been an independent non-profit organization since funding was eliminated from State appropriations a few years ago. They will be holding another fundraising promotion on June 19.


"Voodoo Tower" Book Published by Casey Stangl

Local broadcaster, Casey Stangl, recently published"Voodoo Tower A Hawaii Businessman's Worst Nightmare." The book focuses on Stangl's 4-year effort to erect a broadcast tower on the island of Kauai a several years ago and the regulatory hurdles and opposition he had to face. The book is available in local bookstores and online at Stangl's website.


April 23, 2003

U.H. Football Price Hikes Announced

Oahu viewers of Oceanic Cable's Pay-Per-View broadcasts of University of Hawaii home football games will be paying double the price of the broadcasts this year than they were last year. The price will be hiked to $25 per individual game vs. that of $12.95 last year. Prices for "premium" games will be $35, with a six-game TV package going for $100. Neighbor island viewers who cannot attend the games live at Aloha Stadium will be socked for a $10 to $15 charge per game or pay $40 for a package.

The University of Hawaii home games will continue to be shown on a delayed basis for free on KFVE TV.

More details at the following links:


Four Big Island Radio Stations Sold

Maui's Pacific Radio Group who own and operate KPOA FM, KJMD FM, KLHI FM, KMVI AM and KNUI AM on the Valley Island bought Maverick Media radio stations KKBG FM, KLEO FM, KKOA FM and KHLO AM in Hilo and Kona for an undisclosed amount. The sale is pending FCC approval which sould come within 90 days.

No changes to management, personnel or programming were announced for the Big Island operations. KKBG/KLEO simulcast a nearly island-wide contemporary music format, with KKOA airing an urban CHR format and KHLO AM playing oldies. Three of the radio stations are in the Hilo area with KLEO airing from Kona-West Hawaii. Phil Brewer will remain general manager.


"Talking Story" With Governor Lingle on TV

"Talk Story with Your Administration" will feature a weekly visit with Governor Lingle on a new TV series that is being aired on Olelo Channel 54. This half hour weekly program will give viewers an inside look at Governor Lingle's administration, the legislative session, and current issues. It is being hosted by Angela Baraquio, Hawaii's Miss America 2001. The program airs Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7PM.

It is also slated to air on KALO TV Channel 38. Governor Lingle also does a weekly radio simulcast on KHVH and 3 other neighbor island talk stations Monday mornings.

April 6, 2003

Joe Moore Brings His "Dirty Laundry" to Stage

Channel 2 News anchorman Joe Moore will be bringing his Dirty Laundry play to the Hawaii Theater stage on April 18 & 19. The play, written by Hawaii's number one news anchor is about a fictitious news anchor at a local TV station where management has just undergone a change. The play has people in the local media industry abuzz about whether or not this is a case of art imitating life or life imitating art, given the recent managerial changes that have taken place at Moore's KHON TV station.

Local entertainment writer Wayne Harada has an extensive feature piece about Moore, his play and the controversy in the Honolulu Advertiser. Dirty Laundry is being held as a fundraiser for Manoa Theater.


Pele Awards Honors Media's Best Advertising

The annual Pele Awards were given out to ad agencies and other media entities for excellence in print and broadcast work. The awards were given out last night in a ceremony at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort. The ADWorks agency took 5 awards.


April 2, 2003

People's Pulse Show Set to Debut Tomorrow

PBS Hawaii's newest public affairs program, People's Pulse takes to the airwaves tomorrow night, April 3 starting at 7:30 p.m on KHET Channel 11 and 10. The new program will be hosted by Ann Botticelli and "takes results from the latest poll, explores the real-world challenges faced by citizens, and probes solutions."

Tomorrow's show will include a visit to a charter school in Kaka'ako with Ann Botticelli inteviewing Department of Education Superintendent Pat Hamamoto and State Rep. Roy Takumi on the issue of charter school funding. There will also be a segment on tax credits for agricultural research and development, and the role of government featuring an interview with former Lt. Governor Mazie Hirono and University of Hawaii Economics Professor Summer La Croix.

The program is sponsored by the Hawaii Business Roundtable, Pacific Resource Partnership and Enterprise Honolulu. A repeat showing will also air April 12 at 9:PM.


Drastic Price Increase Expected for U.H. Football Pay-Per-View

It was recently announced that the University of Hawaii and Time-Warner's Oceanic Cable will drastically increase the prices of its Pay Per View U.H. Football TV broadcasts. The games which airs as part of KFVE TV's U.H. Sports package were shown live on a pay-per-view basis for the first time last year. Viewers were charged $12.95 per game on Oahu and $5 per game on the neighbor islands. The new price structure has not been disclosed.

KFVE is expected to air the U.H. football games on a delayed basis over their broadcast channel sans the charge as it always has in previous years.


Hawaii Public Radio Begins Pledge Drive Today

Hawaii Public Radio's annual spring pledge drive began today. The goal is to raise $425,000 of which $136,000 have already been raised through pre-fund raising efforts. Hawaii Public Radio operates radio stations KHPR 88.1 FM and KIPO 89.3 FM on Oahu, KKUA 90.7 FM on Maui and KANO 91.1 FM in Hilo. More details of the fundraiser can be found at the Hawaii Public Radio Website.


Justin Cruz & the 93.1Q crew
Justin Cruz and the crew from KQMQ 93.1 at the March 29 "Support Our Troops" rally. Photo taken at the Hawaii State Capitol.
More photos can be seen at this link.


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