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August 6, 2002

Radio Stations Get New Websites

Several Hawaii radio station websites have either been updated, moved or made aware to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide by our readers, station owners, webmasters or through simple web surfing. The following radio station websites have been added to our dial list pages:

KDNN 98.5 "Island Rhythmn": People have been asking and Clear Channel has set up a new site for them, which looks very much like other CC radio sites. http://ir985.com/main.html

KHUI 99.5 FM "The Breeze": Honolulu's newest Hawaiian music station has a URL which currently goes to a simple Geocities website with station logo and basic information. http://www.995thebreeze.com

Over on the Big Island, the webmaster from Persis Corp. sent me URLs for all of the Big Island Radio owned stations. The URLs are long and complicated, so they won't be listed here as such. The direct link to Big Island Radio is http://www.biradio.com/BiRSite/BirHome/BigIslandRadioHomepage.htm.

The firm operates the following radio stations: KIPA 620 AM, which plays mainly an adult standards music format and is the home of longtime morning pesonality Melvin "Mynah Bird" Medeiros, "Kiss Radio" (KPVS FM & KLUA FM) which features an adult contemporary music format, "K-Hawaii FM" (KAOE FM & KAOY FM) specializing in classic rock music and KAPA FM, the firm's Hawaiian music stations. Big Island Radio's operations blanket both the East and West side of the island with dual transmitters for all of their properties simulcasting the signal of each format.

The final URL comes from KVIB FM which will be broadcasting at 103.5, low power. The station which got its approval to commence construction earlier this year, will be a community run, non-profit operation broadcasting out of the village of Volcano, Hawaii on the Big Island's eastern side. The station owners have an infomative web page in which they are soliciting donations, looking for equipment and volunteers to man the operation.

News From Around the Dial

KHON TV debuts a new locally produced game show this coming Saturday at 5:30 PM. "Mahjong Party" featuring hosts Brickwood Galuteria (of KINE FM) and comedian Frank DeLima joins the station's other locally produced game show "Jan Ken Po." The show will be a hi-tech version of the old Chinese domino game.

Weekend news anchorman Shawn Ching of KITV will be promoted to weeknight anchor on the same station, filling in the position recently vacated by Dan Cooke. Former KGMB TV reporter Mahealani Richardson, who has been doing a stint on the mainland will be taking over the weekend anchor desk at KITV starting in September. More details at this link.

As mentioned on our message board last week, I-94 mid-morning DJ Kathy With a K was recently promoted to do the same time slot on sister station KSSK FM, after Debra West left the #1 rated operation. Info about Kathy can be found at the KSSK website. She has been in the radio business for about 10 years now starting with the now defunct Radio Free Hawaii back in the 1990s.

Finally New Wave Broadcasting was recently fined by the FCC for not airing the Emergency Alert System tests on radio station KPOI FM.

July 30, 2002

Adult Contemporary and Hawaiian
Music Tops in Radio Ratings

The spring 2002 Arbitron ratings book was released July 29 for the Honolulu Market.

For the overall ratings, KSSK FM dominates even though it lost .6 perentage points from the Winter period. They more than likely lost that share to KRTR FM which gained some points to pull in a 7.2 share good enough to put it in 2nd place proving that adult contemporary music rules the top of the ratings roost for Honolulu.

Hawaii's 3 established Island and Hawaiian music outlets bring up the next tier of rating winners, with KINE FM 105.1 leading the pack for #3 overall, followed by KCCN FM and KDNN FM "Island Rhythmn".

Alternative rock music station KUCD FM popularly known as "Star 101.9 FM" is #7 overall, followed by a tie for 8th place between urban CHR "Da Bomb" at 102.7 FM and "Lite Rock" KUMU FM. "I-94 FM" is tied for 8th with KSSK AM, with conservative news and talk station KHVH AM and Oldies 107.9 FM making it to #9 and #10 respectively.

In the top 10, Clear Channel has 6 stations, followed by 3 of Cox's properties with New Wave and Maverick Media (Pacific West according to the R & R webpage) bringing in the remaining slots of the top 10.

During this rating period, two stations changed formats... KORL FM from soft rock to Contemporary Hawaiian music, and KAHA FM from alternative rock to classic rock. Both stations have yet to build a sizeable audience if you go by Arbitron's book. KAHA's format change came in right after the ratings period closed. KORL also switched call letters to KHUI and gave their old calls to KQMQ AM, which broadcasts the Radio Disney format.

The top 10 stations in the Hawaii market are as follow:

7. KDDB FM & KUMU FM (tied)
8. KIKI FM & KSSK AM (tied)

Numeric breakdown of the Arbitron ratings for the Honolulu market is available at this link.

More information also available at this link through StarBulletin.com.

July 22, 2002

Sale of KIFO Radio Finalized

Hawaii Public Radio finalized the sale of its AM operation, KIFO at 1370 on the AM dial to Diamond Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Legacy Communication Corporation of Utah. The station will cease its simulcast of KIPO's FM signal on August 1st, according to a report published in the Honolulu Advertiser.

The purchase price was $500,000. HPR will use the money to help reduce debt and upgrade KIPO FM's signal.

The call letters will change to KMDR after Legacy takes over operations. No format has been announced.

Condo Associations Required By Law
to Provide Satellite TV Access

A little known law has not been invoked by satellite television companies doing business in Hawaii regarding the placement of their facilities on numerous condominum complexes throughout the state. The 1996 "Over-The-Air Reception Devices Rule" prohibits restrictions on the installation, maintenance and use of antennas or satellite dishes for the receipt of television programming.

The article further states that many condo and townhouse boards are unaware of the law. Satellite TV companies such as Dish Network and Craig Wireless Cable have not used the law to pressure associations into compliance, but instead have chosen to work with associations where service has been requested.

More details at this link: Wireless TV Services

July 7, 2002

Lava Rock Goes to Classic Rock

Alternative rock station Lava Rock at 105.9 FM (KAHA) changed their format Friday afternoon to Classic Rock "The Big Kahuna". Details on the format change were gradually leaked out to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide message board, where it became an active topic over the weekend. Currently the station owners are taking song suggestions from listeners as to what to put in their 800-song rotation list. Listeners are being urged to call 296-1059 to suggest classic rock tracks. As a result of the change, several personnel at 105.9 were moved over to KUMU AM or FM which Maverick Media also owns and oeperates. A couple of people were also let go.

More details on this story are available through Erika Engle's Star Bulletin article about the station's format change.

July 2, 2002

NAB Marconi Radio Award Finalists Announced

The National Association of Broadcasters announced the finalists for the annual Marconi Radio Awards competition. More than 100 radio stations and on-air personalities were selected in various categories. While stations in all formats ranging from CHR to Adult Standards were nominated, none of them were from the Hawaii market. More information can be found at this link:

NAB Marconi Radio Award Nominees

Dish Network Offers Local Broadcast TV

Dish Network recently announced that they will be carrying local television stations to their satellite subscription service. Not all the major TV network stations are available on the service. Dish Network has not included KHON Channel 2 (Fox) nor KPXO 66 (Pax) to their service. Dish Network kicked off their promotion for the new service by running full page ads in the major local dailies. There is a charge for the local channels of $6.

For more information: http://www.dishnetwork.com/aloha/

KFVE TV Wins Lucrative UH Sports Contract

The Honolulu Advertiser reports that KFVE TV has been awarded a 3 year contract to continue their broadcasts of University of Hawaii sports. The station is paying $1.3 million in fees to broadcast more than 120 games this coming academic year.

The big change in KFVE's contract is the migration of live home, football broadcasts to Oceanic / Time Warner Cable Pay-Per-View status for all islands. Previously the neighbor islands received broadcasts of live University of Hawaii football games free over a special cable channel. All home football games broadcast by KFVE will continue to be shown on a tape delayed basis a few hours after the game is over or nearly ended.

Broadcasts for other sports including volleyball, basketball and baseball will continue to be carried live by KFVE.

The contract does not cover nationally televised sports broadcasts which may feature a UH sports team. For example, ESPN will be broadcasting a UH football home game against Alabama on November 30.

KFVE-TV has been broadcasting UH Sports since 1984.

More details at this link: Honolulu Advertiser.com

Island Based Webcasts Fading Away

A quick check of several radio station websites throughout Hawaii confirms that the days of free-for-all internet webcasting may be over.Broadcast radio stations as well as independent, web only broadcasters may be or are already pulling their streaming content off the net.

The recent passage of internet webcasting fees retroactive to 1998 will more than likely accelerate the demise of webcasting. Some Hawaii based webcasters have already discontinued their streaming broadcasts for reasons unrelated to the royalty fees.

Channel 1 Hawaii, a site that webcasted several different formats of music, stopped their streaming after their online host, Live 365.com mandated that all non-religious webcasting include banner ads that linked to pornographic websites.

In a statement released on their webpage, CH1 states: "...Channel One Hawaii is a family oriented web site and channel, we have made the difficult decision to take Channel One Radio off of the Live 365 service."

Meanwhile over on Maui, radio station KPOA FM has already announced that their streaming content will be leaving the internet. A statement from their website reads: "Web casting of Hawaiian music from Maui is about to end, victim of both a decision on royalty payments announced on Thursday.KPOA has been webcasting in Hawaii, but President of Pacific Radio Group, Chuck Bergson, says it will suspend the online programming in July."

Hilo's KWXX FM stopped their streaming about a month ago.

A notice on Honolulu's Star 101.9 FM site states: "We will not be able to stream our radio station online in the near future. You may or may not be aware of the many legal issues surrounding the streaming of music online. As we all move into this digital age, we have to collectively figure out the new rules so that artists, record labels, and the industry that supports them can all win. That solution has not been found yet...."

Several other stations on Hawaii's tradtional radio dial have already stopped while others still have links to streaming content before the royalty fees take effect later this year.

90 Minute News Block For Local TV Stations

Starting tomorrow (July 1), all 4 local television stations will have a 90-minute weekday newsblock of local and national news during the 5:PM to 6:30 PM timeslot.

This comes as KHON TV, Channel 2 enters the 5:00 PM early evening news wars with a new weekday broadcast featuring Leslie Wilcox and Ron Mizutani at the anchor desk with an early evening local news. They will go head to head with Channel 4's (KITV) 5:00 pm Nielsen leading newscast anchored by Gary Sprinkle and Pamela Young.

Channel 9 (KGMB) and Channel 8 (KHNL) both feature 5 o clock newscasts too.

The early evening news comes as a pre-curser to national news feeds from the stations' network affiliates, with KITV broadcasting the ABC World News with Peter Jennings, KGMB offering the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, and KHNL offerng hte NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. Only at Channel 2 is their national news block at 5:30 headed by a local anchor, Joe Moore, who is the #1 local anchor in the market for both the Channel 2 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock news programs. Channel 2's 5:30 newscasts offers feeds from the Fox News network.

It is unknown how the expanded early evening newscasts will effect the operations of the bread and butter 6 o'clock newscasts at all local stations.

June 26, 2002

TIVO Set-Top Box To Replace VCR

Honolulu Star Bulletin ran a feature article regarding the relatively new set-top box called TIVO, which records television programming on a built in hard drive. Comments from local users. Is TIVO and other related technologies really the wave of the future?


Streaming Fees Could Force Small Webcasters Out

The Copyright Office's imposition of royalty fees for internet broadcasters will impact many small operations that broadcast only on the internet. One of them, Robert "Rabbett" Abbett's Internet Radio Hawaii could be impacted by the $13,000 a year fee, especially if back royalties need to be paid to 1998. Abbott discussed this dilemma yesterday on the Channel 2 News. He encourages listerners to write to their congress persons.

An AP story quoting Abbott on this appeared on Yahoo's website last week.

Additional Link: Webcasting Royalties Threaten to Skin Kailua Rabbett

June 24, 2002

KITV's Dan Cooke Leaving

It was reported this weekend that KITV 4 anchor, Dan Cooke will be leaving the station for personal reasons and to "become president and chief executive of a start-up national news service....." according to Erika Engle's article appearing in the Star Bulletin this weekend.

Cooke's departure is the 3rd in a series of personnel recently leaving the ABC News affiliated TV station. Weekend and business anchor person Ann Botticelli left last week to start work with a P-R firm, and court reporter Cedric Yamanaka left to work for the Governor's administration.

Discussion on this subject is on our message board.

Rick Dees on Maui's Wild 105.5 FM

Hawaii Radio & Television Guide got an email from Ryon Prios informs us that Wild 105.5 KPMW on Maui's FM dial is the new home of the Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40 radio show. Rick Dees airs on Saturdays from 3 to 7pm. The syndicated program last aired on KONI FM before that station changed formats.

Prios goes on to say that Wild 105 also carries the following syndicated music shows: Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend Top 30 RHYTHMon Saturdays from 11am to 2pm, and "Big Snoop Dog Radio" Friday nights from 8pm to Midnight.

Wild 105 features a CHR-rythmic music format.

KAIM General Manager Leaves

Doug Campbell, general manager of Salem Broadcasting's KAIM radio left his position last Friday and will be replaced former Honolulu broadcast executive T.J. Malievsky. More details at this link.

June 21, 2002

National Newsbytes: Streaming Royalties,
Radio Commentaries, VHS Phase-out

Internet webcasters and radio stations with streaming music content will be required to pay a 70 cents per song fee per 1,000 listeners retroactive to 1998 according to a ruling passed out yesterday by the U.S. Copyright office. The radio broadcasting and internet bitcasting industries are not happy with the new fee structure nor is the recording industry, who asked for a higher fee.

Details on this ongoing issue are at the following links:

  • Parties Unhappy Over Webcaster Rates
  • Rates Set For Streaming on the Internet

    From our Message Board comes the ongoing debate over music programming through research or programming through listener requests and DJ input. An interesting article on this issue appeared on Yahoo recently.

  • Radio is Losing Listeners

    Inside Radio also reports that a New York Times poll indicated that listeners would rather have DJs pick more music. Listeners in the poll also indicated that they'd rather have less song repitition and more music from local bands and artists. The article is reprinted on our message board at this link.

    Finally, in a move that signals the changing times, Circuit City announced that it is phasing out the sales of movies on VHS tape. They state that more people have and are embracing DVD in a big way. There is one Circuit City store in Hawaii, located out in Pearl City.

    June 13, 2002

    Reward Offered for Stolen KITV Generator

    A $12,000 propane generator was recently stolen from KITV in the Kunia area between May 24 and June 10th. The Honolulu Police Department through their Crimestoppers Program is offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for this crime. More information on this is available at Hawaii Reporter's website.

    Channel 2 News Back on Top

    After one rating period in which KHNL took the #1 late evening slot in the local news broadcasts, Joe Moore and the Channel 2 News over at KHON is back in familiar territory for both their 6 and 10 o'clock p.m. newscasts according to the latest Nielsen numbers released for this market. All other stations trail distantly behind the market leader.

    KHNL's #1 rating for the last period was attributed to NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics.

    More on this story is available at Star Bulletin.com.

    KHUI Featured in Weekly Newspaper

    Honolulu Weekly is running a feature length story about New Wave's KHUI Radio at 99.5 FM. The station popularly known as "The Breeze" plays a mix of contemporary and traditional Hawaiian music. Their line-up includes Ola Souza in the morning drive and Mahlon Moore in the afternoons. There is more in the article, and that can be viewed at the Honolulu Weekly website, or through through the direct link here: http://www.honoluluweekly.com/features/feature_main.html.

    Maui's "Mana'o Radio" Gets New Website

    Maui's non-profit, eclectic music station KEAO FM, popularly known as "Mana'o Radio" recently launched their website at the following URL: http://www.manaoradio.com. The station is run by an unpaid, volunteer on-air staff including Maui radio veterans Bill Best, Kirk Hamilton, Kathy Collins and Barry Shannon filling most of the weekday slots. The stations music mix ranges from classical to alternative rock. The station owners have big plans including launching a local radio newscast and "foster public participation in an ongoing forum for opinions on local issues and concerns."

    More information about KEAO is available through a recent article published by the Maui Free Press. KEAO broadcasts at 100 watts on 91.5 FM.

    June 10, 2002.

    Changes and News from Local TV and Radio

    Over the past few weeks the following news items of note occurred:

    KITV's Ann Botticelli announced that she will be leaving the station after her final weekend broadcast with co-anchor Shawn Ching on June 16. Botticelli, a 22-year veteran in the business, will become vice-president of corporate communications and public-affairs at Communications-Pacific Inc. She leaves broadcast news to take up a new challenge. In addition to her duties as weekend anchor at KITV, Botticelli was also the station's business news reporter during the weekdays. More details about her departure are avaialble at this link.

    KITV also started a mid-day webcast on their website, The Hawaii Channel.com.

    Over at KHON TV 2, Bernadette Baraquio recently took over the anchor position at the Channel 2 Morning News from Leslie Wilcox. Ms. Baraqiuo is now co-anchor with Kirk Matthews. Meanwhile, the station will be starting a new 5:00 PM newscast starting next month. Leslie Wilcox and Ron Mizutani will co-anchor the new broadcast which will air in the timeslot currently held by Channel 2's broadcast of Jeopordy.

    On the radio side, the Arbitron rating trends were released on June 3. The usual stations lead the pack for this report, which is an interim measure leading up to the next ratings book. Details can be found at the new Radio & Records online link.

    It has also been reported that Salem Communications will buy radio station KJPN at 940 on the AM dial. The station currently broadcasts a Japanese language and music format.

    Two men were ticketed last week in Downtown Honolulu after being caught in the nude as part of a promotion for Xtreme Radio's WWE ticket giveaway. The men won tickets to the upcoming wrestling match which features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the Blaisdell Center. Details at this link.

    Norm Winter, formerly of Radio Free Hawaii is doing a weekly oldies show on KUMU radio AM 1500. His program airs Monday afternoons at 4:PM.

    Finally, a design change and upgrade is coming to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide. The site's archive pages have also been moved. Stay tuned.


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