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Rick Whitney Remembers Tom Dancer, KORL

I just found your site tonight, and really enjoyed remembering my friends from Hawaii. I worked at Radio Stations for 14 years from 1971 to 1985. I was really sorry to see that Tom "Dynamite" Dancer passed away. He was the one that got me started in radio. I produced his Morning Drive shows for about 10 years off and on. I started out at KORL when it was in Waikiki in the building with the revolving restaurant. It was at that time that McDonald's started their Quarter Pounder Sandwiches, and Tom made me go downstairs and weigh a hamburger patty to make sure it was a quarter pound. He aways refused to call me by my name, he only called me "Komo" because I was his go-fer and he said I had to be called Komo, because that meant "come here" in Hawaiian. He was a very brilliant man, and has some great ideas for radio shows. He will be missed.

When KORL went under, I followed Tom to "K-108" with his morning show. I also worked at K-LEI in Kailua on weekends playing Big Band Music, and KHLO in Hilo for about a year.

Later when K-108 moved to Waikiki, I played country music at night, and engineered Sports broadcasts, and the Sunday shows. Talk about an experience! Each hour was bought by a different ethnic group, so in one day, I would engineer the Portugeese Show, the Japanese Show, The Samoan Show, well you get the idea.

My time in Hawaii was the highlight of my life, even though most of my radio work was behind the scenes, I hope I helped make an impact. I was sorry to see quite a few people missing from your list for the stations in Hawaii.

Some of My favorites were:

Buck Buchanan - Son of Edgar Buchanan, and one of the best radio people I have ever met. He was really interested in his listeners, and always tried to help them when he could. I lost touch with him when he moved back to California after his Father passed away.

Michael Largarticha - He was a character! He used to produce the Judy Garland Show, and had a great talk show geared toward the female audience. He opened a restaurant in the back the the "Stuffed Tomato Club" when it was a gay bar, during the Disco Craze. He got me a job as a DJ, and that was a real experience!

You have Ted Sax listed, and he is another Character! I really enjoyed working with him at K-108.

There were so many people that went through the radio stations back then, I know it is hard to keep up with who worked where, and when.

I was also sad to hear that Ron King passed away from AIDS. He was also a very fine man.

Well, I have rambled on long enough. I just want to let you know that you have the best site I have found to locate my old radio friends, and the stations I used to work.


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