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KKUA's Laser Beam Spectacle

Back in the mid-70's, KKUA had a promotion where they were going to shoot a laser beam into the sky. At the time it was a big thing (mid-70's remember). They talked about how it could be seen from all over the Islands and could even be viewed by outer space beings.

KKUA had promoted this like it was going to be a major celestial event. The stations newsreader at the time (Traffic Dick?) sneezed (pressed the mute button though) while doing the news and the DJ (either Lane Robinson or Uncle Mikey) suggested they send a recording of the sneeze up on laser. (How you send sound up a laser beam is beyond me. But remember the year.)

We, of course, believed it was going to be this massive light which could be seen all through the night sky. Every plane flying by or star in the sky made us do a double check. Me and my other little friends waited until 9pm for any sign of this major event. As you probably expected, we didn't see a thing. In the paper the next day, they printed a picture of the happening. All it showed was a skinny little line going up into the sky. What a disappointment.

That was just one of the radio memories that come to mind. This is the first time I've recalled that event.

Casey L. Crisler


Editor's note: Be sure to visit Casey's website.
He has some Real Audio sound bytes from KKUA radio.


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