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October 14, 2012.

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Cover KPOI Action 20 August 22, 1967 Welcome to the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Archive site. This is the archive to the main site of the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide. The materials contained on this site consist mainly of back issues of the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Newz Over the Air stories as well as personal recollections from people in the business and a short section on past radio charts.

If you like looking at old Hawaii music charts, this is the place to be. Charts here include the 1972 KPOI Top 300 Marathon of Hits, a June 17, 1972 edition of the KPOI Action 20 and the KKUA Top 69 Hits of 1972 list. Thanks to contributor Randy Itamoto, a new set of KPOI Action 20 charts is now in the process of being uploaded to the archive. The first 2 up is from July 1968 and March 1970. Check them out.

A series of KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 Charts from 1971 and later, 1972 will be posted online. The first KKUA Top 20 charts from January, February and March are now online. See if you remember those songs that made it to the charts back then. If the names Three Dog Night, The Osmonds, Jackson Five, Temptations and The Carpenters don't ring a bell, then for sure you were not around in 1971.

There are more charts, including the KPOI Top 300 Marathon of Hits from 1973, and others from KKUA, KPOI, KCCN and KIKI. Access them from our menu choices below.

Former KIKI DJ Tony "The Tiger" Taylor emailed me with some of his memories. He lives in Taiwan but still yearns for the islands. Be sure to visit the Wili Moku's tribute page which our message board users contributed to by sharing their memories of this popular Hawaii DJ.

If you have old Hawaii radio station charts, surveys, Hawaii radio station dialists or personal memories about working or even listening to Hawaii radio stations, please contact us. The same for TV, if you were here in the early days of Hawaii TV and have a story to tell, send it to us. It would be great to include all of this material here. The email address is posted at the bottom of this page.

This edition of the archive is being hosted at our revamped main site Hawaii Radio & Television Guide domain. The last update to our static pages occurred on November 17, 2007. Those page are now archived here. Our original archive at the Hawaii H4 site is still online and contains the same content of this site up to November 2001.

These were big hits on Hawaii radio in the early 1970s


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Stories from our readers.

Aloha From Tony "The Tiger" Taylor

Remembering Wili Moku

Tom Ahsing: Late 70s KKUA vs. KORL

Buck Buchanan at KNUI, KORL and K-108 radio

Remembering KPUA's J.K.

Casey Crisler Remembers
KKUA's "Laser Beam Spectacle"

Elvin Ichiyama
Remembers KORL, KKUA

Rick Whitney Remembers
Tom Dancer, KORL

Rab Remembers the PIG

The Golden Years of KMVI 1950s & 1980s

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Older items archived offline.
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Hawaii's Top 40 Hits: 1950s to the 1980s


KKUA Top 69 Hits of 1971
KKUA Top 69 Hits of 1972
KKUA Top 69 Hits of 1973
KKUA Top 69 Hits of 1974

KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - Janaury 4, 1971
KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - Feburary 15, 1971
KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - February 22, 1971
KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - March 1, 1971
KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - March 8, 1971
KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - March 15, 1971
KKUA Official Hawaii Top 20 - March 22, 1971

KKUA Hawaii Top 40 May 4, 1980

KMVI Top 100 Charts

KMVI AM 55 Top 100 of 1972
KMVI AM 55 Top 100 of 1973
KMVI AM 55 Top 100 of 1974
KMVI AM 55 Top 100 of 1975

KPOI Top 300 Marathon of Hits 1972
KPOI Top 300 Marathon of Hits 1973

KPOI Action 20s
New Action 20s being posted. 1968 & 1970 now up!

KCCN 1420 AM Island Top 150 - November 1981

KCCN / KINE Top 10 - August 1997

Radio Free Hawaii Top 300 Hits 1993
Radio Free Hawaii Chart Archive

From previous postings to the internet and BBS's.
Some of these are plain text files that will open in a separate window.

Oahu Radio Dial - July 1970
Oahu Radio Dial - November 1988
Oahu Radio Dial - September 1989
Oahu Radio Dial - September 1990
Oahu Radio & TV Dial - August 1993
Oahu Radio Dial - April 1995
Neighbor Island Radio Dial - April 1995
1995 Hawaii Radio & Television Guide
Frequency List for entire State - November 1996

Hawaii Five-0 Theme - 1968 opening CBS TV
Checkers & Pogo Intro - KGMB TV, 1980.
First Federal Savings Commercial - Ernest P. Varney
KGMB News - 1992

The following are selected text documents consisting of
postings to message boards, newsgroups and BBS's regarding
the state of Hawaii radio & TV through the years.

2004 Message Board Archives

Remembering Wili Moku

2003 Message Board Archives

Hilo's KHBC TV
Bob's Own Thread
E Z Listening
Top 40 Hits in Hawaii
1900 Yesterday
Looking for Granny Goose
Classic Hawaii Commercials
KITV's Japan Trip
That Fateful Night
Saddest Day for Hawaiian and Contemporary Music


SCH: 99.5 The Breeze FM is Gone*

Older Message Board Archives

Text: Old Cable TV
Text: Old Hawaii TV
Topic: Alan Oda
Topic: Big Band
Topic: Colorful Language
Topic: Darren Pai
Topic: Formats
Topic: Foul Language
Topic: KIPA History
Topic: Neil Everett
Topic: The Past
Topic: Radio Women
Topic: Silvers
Topic: Swearer
Topic: Year 2000
BBS: Discussion Threads Radio Free Hawaii

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Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Gopher
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* from newsgroup soc.culture.hawaii

KHON's Joe Moore
KHON TV's Joe Moore has been Hawaii's #1
anchorman for more than a decade.


Click here for photos

Mel's History of Top 40 Radio in Hawaii
A roughly written history to be updated someday soon!

Got a memory to share? Send it to macpro3000@yahoo.com


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