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KKUA's Hawaii Top 40 Countdown May 4, 1980

Bill Thompson graced the cover Morning DJ Bill Thompson graced the cover of KKUA's Top 40 survey of May 4, 1980. The early 80s represented a change for the music scene as disco was still at a high, but beginning to wane as other forms of music slowly came into mainstream pop.

While in charts past, local music did get listed and was played on KKUA radio, for this particular edition, no local songs or artists are listed. I remember back in 1980 one of the upcoming local rock bands that had a big hit on radio was a group called "Shnazz". They had a hit single with an old Tommy James & the Shondells song called "I Think We're Alone Now," which 7 years later was also covered by Tiffany, a mall-brat turned singer, who eventually disappeared from pop music.

Local artists who were quite big in 1980 included Cecilio & Kapono (with no new albums at the time), The Fabulous Krush, The Alii's and of course the perinniel favorites Brothers Cazimero. Pop radio did spin records by most of these artists.

Hawaii radio in 1980 was still dominated by AM. KKUA, KIKI and KORL were fighting for the teen audience. FM radio however was making inroads as KQMQ, KMAI and KDUK (later KPOI FM) were all vying for the same audience with varying pop/rock/dance formats.

Bill Thompson was on KKUA radio for several years, having succeeded Ron Jacobs in the morning drive slot. I can't remember now who else was on KKUA at the time, except probably for Lane Robinson who followed Thompson in the 10 to 2 slot.

Select this link to see the list of the Top 40 Songs in Hawaii on May 4, 1980.

    -- Mel


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