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1380 KPOI Action 20 July 16, 1968

Long ago when AM radio ruled the airwaves, KPOI at 1380 on the AM dial ruled Hawaii's rock n roll airwaves. For many years the station published a weekly music survey known as the KPOI Action 20. The following links will take you to reproductions or lists of past Action 20s.

July 16, 1968: Let's zoom back to July 16, 1968. The Rascals proved to be one of Hawaii's favorite rock n roll groups of the time. They topped the charts that week with "People Got To Be Free," which was their last national #1 bestseller. Just happened that The Rascals were to play in concert at the H.I.C. (now Blaisdell Center) on August 3rd of 1968. This was enough to give them the cover of this week's Action 20. Finally votes were being taken for the annual Labor Day "Marathon of Hits" Top 300 Countdown. Charts courtesy of Randy Itamoto.


August 22, 1967: The number one song of the week was "Light My Fire" by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Hawaii's favorite albums were by The Monkees (Headquarters), The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band) and the Young Rascals (Groovin'). Herman's Hermits was to be in concert on September 9, 1967 at the "Hawaii International Center (HIC)", known today as the Blaisdell Center. KPOI was also taking in votes for the Labor Day Top 300 marathon of hits and listed the previous year's (1966) Top 100 songs on the back panel.

June 17, 1972: Climax scored big this week with their KPOI #1 hit "Life And Breath". Hot tracks on KPOI included "People Make the World Go Round" by the Stylistics, "Nice to Be With You" by Gallery, and "It Doesn't Matter" by Stephen Stills. The coming attraction into Honolulu was the rock group "Jethro Tull." You just had a few more days to win an invitation to the KPOI Beach Party. Image courtesy of Allan Akamine.

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