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Late 1970s: KKUA vs. KORL

From: "Tom Ahsing"
To: macpro3000@yahoo.com
Subject: The last years of good top 40 AM radio in hawaii
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:19:31 -1000

The late 70's provided some of the most talented personalities on Top 40 radio, the battle between KKUA and KORL gave us these great jocks to listen to.

5-10am  Ron Jacobs with Keala Kai
10-2pm  Mister Mellow Lane Robinson
2-7pm    Michael W. Perry
7-12am  Kamasami Kong
Fri 10-12am  Steve "Blind Date Boogie" Clarke
Overnites  Ed Kanoi

6-10am  Lan Roberts
10-2pm  Lou Richards
2-6pm    Sweet Charlie Baby
6-10pm   Captain Cooke (Dan Cooke)
10-2am   Jan Foxx
2-6am     Wili Moku

  What a time it was to listen to radio.  Aku in the mornings as well as Tom Dynamite Dancer on K108.

  Then Michael W. Perry left to go do afternoons at KSSK and was replaced by Lee Baby Simms and KKUA was headed to the toilet.  KORL pd Dave Shaw shot himself and Lan Roberts took over as Pd and really ran that to the ground.  Just in time for KIKI to take over with another great lineup of jocks.

5-10am  Ron Wiley with  Professor Dick Barr
10-3pm  Noel Grey (The ambasador of smiles)
3-7pm    Tony the Tiger Taylor
7-12am   Steve Blind Date Boogie Clarke
12-5 am   Wonderful Wendy

  Later Frank Shaner did 2am to 6am and was called by Red Skelton "the most talented man in radio"  he later moved to the afternoon slot.  KIKI was managed by Jeff Coelho and later programmed by Kamasami Kong, until FM radio took over.

Thanks Tom for sharing your memories!


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