Mel's Hawaii Radio & Television Guide '95

Mel's Hawaii Radio & Television Guide & '95

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Welcome to the first online listing of all radio and broadcast television stations in the State of Hawaii. My name is Melvin Ah Ching and I am editor, publisher and creator of Mel¹s Hawaii Radio & Television Guide ¹95. I am not in the broadcasting industry and I don't make any money whatsoever from publishing this guide. I do however have a keen interest in what broadcasters put on the air. Having a list of who is broadcasting what and where it is being broadcast is very convenient for me and hopefully for you.

These lists may be especially useful to newcomers and tourists who are new to Hawaii. It is also useful for people who travel from island to island. Radio listeners may well know that what is available on one island is not listenable on another island, due to the distance between the islands and power of individual radio stations. Some radio stations have a statewide presence by setting up repeater stations on other islands.

Television viewers throughout the state get all of the major network TV shows at the same time statewide. All over-the-air broadcasts originate in Honolulu. Channel numbers are different from island to island.

Cable TV subscribers get television channels on different dial positions depending on who your cable company is. The guide now includes a list of cable networks and companies.

The listings are current as of July 7, 1995.

The guide is broken down into the following pages. To go to these pages simply click on the hot text and you're there.

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Oahu Radio Dial: A listing of all FM & AM radio stations on Oahu and a few more!
Neighbor Island Radio Dial: A listing of radio stations on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island
Hawaii Broadcast Television Stations: A listing broadcast television stations in Hawaii.

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