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Kauai County Radio Dial

Radio is an essential part of Kauai. In times of emergency, such as during 1992's Hurricane Iniki, Kauai's radio stations played a vital role in keeping the community informed. Five years later, Kauai's radio facilities were upgraded to insure better operations in another emergency.

Besides the local Kauai stations, some of Oahu's AM and FM stations are receivable on the Garden Island.

Homepages are highlighted where applicable. The Kauai radio station address page is accessible from this link.

Streaming: Hawaii radio stations that stream can be found at Tune In Radio and Apple's iTunes. Station streams can also be found on each of the local station's websites (for those that offer streaming). Mobile apps for iOS, Android and other platforms may also be available for streaming.

FCC Links to all Hawaii radio stations: FM Stereo | AM Radio

Low Power FM station under 100 watts are indicated by: (LP)

The dial list for this page is embedded from our Google database.

Kauai Radio Dial

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