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This page is a work in progress. Currently we'll have video clips that were previously posted to our home page archived here. We'll also be starting a video page at YouTube to catalog Hawaii radio and TV clips all in one place. Some of the video content posted on this page may have also appeared on our blog. Stay Tuned!

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Hawaii Five-0 on CBS
Filmed in Hawaii - Season 3 wrapped, renewed for Season 4. Visit CBS.com

Hawaii's Radio Oldies

Learn more about Hawaii's radio and TV history at our Archive Site.

ABC TV - The Last Resort

ABC TV's new drama "Last Resort" is made in Hawaii. The show debut to very good ratings on Sept. 27. Viewers can catch "The Last Resort" on KITV 4 (broadcast/cable), online at ABC.com and Hulu.com.

The Future of TV

This video has spent more than a year on our home page. It is now archived here.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) recently started a new site to save broadcast TV.
Click here to find out more about "The Future of TV".

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